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Page 34 of August 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, August 2006


Ferrari had won Le Mans nine times since the Second World War. For Ford, 1966 would be very different Words: Gordon Cruickshank. Photography: Alex P You always remember your first time, they say, even a big boy like Ford Motor Company. Four straight wins at Le Mans, yes; but the opener, 1966, was special. Slapping Ferrari’s face after the Scuderia’s buyout rebuff in ’63 and the Blue Oval washout...

Page 42 of January 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, January 1975

Looking Back with Bruce Halford

Looking Back with Bruce Halford WHEN CONSIDERING the astronomic sums of money which several current Grand Prix teams state is necessary to maintain and operate their cars throughout a full Formula One season it becomes quickly evident just why there are very few privateers around trying to race in this exalted category. If they do try to compete, it is frequently with outdated and uncompetitive...

Page 55 of January 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, January 2001

Ferrari 330P2

Racing cars, in general, have short lives. After one or two seasons they are uncompetitive, overtaken in both senses. Today, with the expansion of the historic scene, huge numbers of them have been recommissioned and have returned to the track. But certain cars have been lucky enough to have owners who kept the faith, who continued to use them for their proper purpose even when out of fashion,...

Page 26 of March 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, March 1971

The Frazer Nash "Patience"

Sir, As an ex-chain ganger I was delighted to read in your V-E-V section that "Patience" is alive and well, albeit a trifle wayward, in the hands of a Mr. Jones. However, as you have a reputation as an authority on the history of cars of this type and period, I was not too happy with the rest of your information about her. I can remember her being driven by Derek (I am fairly sure it was Derek)...

Page 108 of May 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 108, May 2013

The last true Targa

It is 40 years since the lanes of Sicily last echoed to the full-blooded wail of a world championship race. A privileged spectator back then, Richard Williams recently retraced his steps Somewhere on the N120 between Buonfornello and Cerda, as the narrow road wound inland through rolling countryside, an old man in farm worker's clothes stood on the high grass bank, waving at me. Or that's what I...

Page 30 of March 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, March 1985

The Cars of Paul Emery

Although the building of specials is a world-wide occupation, the British have a particular flair for it, it's part of the great amateur tradition, I suppose. Look into the background of most racing car designers, and a good few leading production car designers, and you will find a special which, not infrequently, was raced. Some will even tell you that their first attempt with the parts of an...

Page 42 of April 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, April 1997


Ferrari's P3/4 is simply astonishing, both to look at and to drive, Dickie Attwood relives his epic race at Spa, then hands over to Andrew Frankel Take yourself back thirty years to Spa, May 1, 1967. It's a little before 1.00pm and the 1000 kilometres of Francorchamps is about to be begin. Dickie Attwood, sitting on the third row of the grid in the Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari, is not happy...

Page 96 of June 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 96, June 2008

Last chance saloons

The season was over, yet the title of first British saloon champion still lay vacant… Two men buckled up to sort it out  By Gordon Cruickshank For the Silverstone Classic meeting in July the organisers plan to reassemble the entire grid of the 1948 British GP. But they’ve been beaten by the MSA British Touring Car Championship people, who at Brands Hatch in March reassembled the entire grid of...

Page 73 of September 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 73, September 1996

Enzo Ferrari's Magnificent Machines

A complex man, few were ever allowed much more than a glimpse into the inner persona of the enigmatic Enzo Ferrari. But to understand his character properly, it is rarely necessary to look further than the nosecone of one his cars, and essentially from behind the steering wheel. For Ferrari the car was and remains Ferrari the man. An automotive legend both enjoyed and burdened by the evocative...

Page 67 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, October 2004

The 50 greatest partnerships

It can be a selfish sport. yet its impossible to succeed without the support of others. We felt it was time to select the most dynamic of duos. And the nominations are... 50: Ma & Pa Moss For procreating the best all-round racing driver and finest female competition driver of all time — Stirling and Pat, that is. Greatest achievement: See above 49: Dale Earnhardt & Richard Childress `...



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