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Page 70 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, March 2014

Champion of the revolution

Phil Manzanera is best known as guitarist with pioneering 1970s rock band Roxy Music. As a boy, though, he was a privileged witness to the 1958 Cuban Grand Prix, when Juan Manuel Fangio found himself a hostage to rebel kidnappers. But instead of condemning his polite captors, the great man befriended themWriter: Richard Williams While the racing engines revved, the small boy sat with his mother...

Page 76 of February 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, February 2014

The Corse of true love

…never did run smooth between garagista Enzo Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Yet their turbulent partnership through the 1930s laid the bedrock of the Ferrari legend Writer Paul Fearnley A chill March day yet his car is naked: tubes, wires, rivets. He’s road-tested bare chassis before. That, though, was a long time ago, and this is momentously different. In suit, shirt and tie, he, never the most agile,...

Page 33 of June 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, June 1999

Le Mans! Camera! Action!

Remember the film 'Le Mans'? Jonathan Williams does: he was the man hired to drive the camera car, Steve McQueen's own Porsche 908, in the actual race to get realistic footage. This is his story. Not long ago, I spent a couple of hours sitting at a table in a French hotel, signing my name five hundred times. I was rewarded at the rate of two dollars per scribble, which strikes me as the kind of...

Page 42 of May 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, May 1962


CONTINENTAL NOTES OW that the Grand Prix season has begun it is worth casting a look at who is driving what, so that the alarums and excursions of the winter can be ignored. Taking Ferrari first, as they won the first RI race, we see that the Grand I rix team will be Phil Hill, Giancarlo Baghetti and Lorenzo Bandini, and they will use two versions of the II-litre V6 Ferrari car. The first is a...

Page 65 of February 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, February 1998

Young bloods

After Ascari’s death in 1955, Luigi Musso and Eugenio Castellotti fought for his mantle as Italy’s top driver. Chris Nixon charts the brief and tragic careers of two great rivals. "Listen lads, you won’t have to work too hard to win this race. At the start, I'll set the rhythm. You follow me, and you won't shred your tyres. Ten laps from the end, I'll pull over, and then you two, between you, can...

Page 112 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 112, June 1981

Alfa Romeo 8C/35

In the interview with Dan Margulies in the April issue of Motor Sport he mentioned that his enthusiasm for motor racing was started in 1937, when he saw Hans Ruesch win the Grand Prix in Bucharest in a 3.8-litre Alfa Romeo 8C/35. For British motor racing enthusiasts this particular Alfa Romeo also holds an important place in history. It was one of the last of the 8C/35 models to be raced by the...

Page 6 of April 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, April 2000


Nello Ugolini Nello Ugolini, who has died aged 95, was the prototypical modern learn manager. Beginning with Alfa Romeo in 1934, he mixed organisation with tactics to maximise Alfa's success against increasing German rivalry. In '38, he became Alfa's personnel manager, before going to Modena Football Club, which he led to great heights. In 1952 Ferrari poached him to lead his racing team to Iwo...

Page 20 of May 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, May 1962


GRAND PRIX OF BRUXELLES BRUXELLES, April 1st THE third Grand Prix of 13ruxelles on the 4.552 kilometre circuit of Heysel, north of the Belgian capital and near the Atomium, opened the European season of Formula One racing, Siracuse having been cancelled. The circuit itself was unchanged from last year but the start and finish, pits, grandstand and timekeepers were all moved to the top of the hill...

Page 28 of July 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, July 2001

Opening the score

When Jose Froilan Gonzalez muscled his Ferrari past the chequered flag at Silverstone in 1951, no-one knew Enzo's team would pass into legend. Andrew Frankel describes that first victory, and in the following pages we recall nine more of the Scuderia's greatest Grand Prix wins The idea of there even being a motor racing age when Ferrari had never won a grand prix seems odd. It's like imagining...

Page 42 of November 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, November 1998

Enzo's Right-Hand Man

In the mid-1950s, Romolo Tavoni was faced with a choice: he could work alongside a tyrannical Enzo Ferrari...or get the sack. Fifty years on, he tells Chris Nixon he made the right decision. In January 1950 a young employee was called in to see the manager of the Credito Italiano bank in Modena. The bank had a new client and, keen to help out in any way, had offered the man's services to the firm...



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