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Page 14 of June 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, June 1955

Stirling Moss in the Mille Miglia

On May 1st motor-racing history was made, for Stirling Moss won the 1,000-mile Mile Miglia, the first time in twenty-two years that this has been achieved by a British driver, and I had the very great privilege of sitting beside him throughout this epic drive. But let us go back to the beginning, for this win was not a fluke on the spur of the moment, it was the result of weeks, even months, of...

Page 43 of June 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, June 1955

XXII 1000 Miglia

Stirling Moss Makes History with a Decisive Win for Mercedes Benz Brescia, May 1st. The fabulous Italian sports-car race, the Mille Miglia, took place over the weekend of April 30th-May 1st, but preparations for the event began many months before, not only amongst the big firms whose aim was an outright win, but also amongst all the various classes, for the XXII Mille Miglia contained 14...

Page 49 of January 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, January 1991

Brute force

Brute force is not generally a description associated with Ferraris. Lithe, delicate, stylish maybe, but definitely not brutal. And yet the early Ferraris in particular were inclined to put power before finesse, pragmatism ahead of styling. As the years progressed, the sports racing models became more and more refined and certainly more stylish, but one of the best examples of when Enzo Ferrari...

Page 25 of June 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, June 1954

XXIst 1000 Miglia

Victory for Ascari and Lancia Under Poor Conditions Brescia. May 3rd. For a whole week before the XXlst Mille Miglia Northern Italy was under a continuous deluge of rain and some of the enthusiasm in Brescia was lacking a little but, having seen a Mille Miglia under perfect conditions, this slight lessening in the tumult made life easier. With an entry of 475 cars, ranging from 2 c.v. Citroëns to...

Page 74 of May 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, May 1997

With Moss in the Mille Miglia

Denis Jenkinson's account of navigating Stirling Moss to victory in the 1955 Mille Miglia is rightly regarded as a landmark in motoring journalism. This is that story, together with photographs from his personal archive never before published On May 1st, motor racing history was made, for Stirling Moss won the 1000-mile Mille Miglia, the first time this has been achieved by a British driver, and...

Page 48 of October 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, October 1981

A Monza Moment

During the lunch break at Monza, on the day of the Italian Grand Prix a Tipo 159 Alfa Romeo from 1951 was wheeled out onto the starting area, together with a 1954 Lancia D50. The "Alfetta" is known and loved by everyone, but the Lancia is not so well known, though it was a tour-de-force of design trends when it was executed by Vittorio Jano in 1952/53 in preparation for the new Formula One that...

Page 47 of August 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, August 1953


COPPA D'ORO DOLOMIT1 While the competitors in the Rallye des Alpes were busily engaged in keeping up to time schedules on their circuit of the Dolornite mountains, the Italians held the seventh in their series of sports-car races round a guarded circuit embracing most of the, mountains. Open to sports and touring cars, the entry ranged from Fiat 500s to works Ferraris and Paulo Marzotto, who is a...

Page 23 of June 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, June 1953

1,000 Miglia

Ferrari - Alfa-Romeo Duel at Record Speed BOLOGNA, APRIL 26TH. From Our Continental Correspondent. I have just seen all hell let loose upon the roads of Italy for 21 solid hours and my mind is a chaos of open exhausts, screaming tyres, hot sun and shouting Italians; but let us go back to the beginning. The Editor thought it would be a good idea if we looked at the XXth Mille Miglia on April 25/...

Page 11 of July 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, July 1953

Les 24 Heures du Mans, 1953

Magnificent Victory by Jaguar – All Records Broken Le Mans (Sarthe), June 14th. The Le Mans 24-hour race carries with it more tradition and history than any other event in the minds of most people and the occasion of the XXIst Grand Prix d’Endurance, on June 13th/14th, not only continued this position, but celebrated the 21st birthday by being the first occasion when over 100 m.p.h. has been...


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