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Page 50 of July 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, July 2012

The Ultimate Super Group

Three decades ago, Group C set out to prove that a fuel efficiency formula could make for magnificent racing It had been great while it lasted. The 1992 FIA Sportscar World Championship was proof of that old adage that you only need two cars to make a motor race, although strictly speaking there were as many as four or five front-running cars per meeting; those rounds that weren’t cancelled, you...

Page 43 of April 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, April 1979

Miniatures News

Controversial Formula One driver Riccardo Patrese has gone into the model car business, starting with a model of the Chevron B34 "Trornbo Stebel" Novamotor with which he won the European Formula Three Championship. It is obtainable for £5.95 (post-free in the UK) as an easy-to-build, 1/43rd scale kit of parts, complete with coloured transfers, from the UK importers, Brian Harvey's Grand Prix...

Page 46 of May 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, May 1999

Simply the best

Simplicity was the key to the success of Brabham's BT49. Andrew Frankel climbs aboard this seminal 1980s F1 car to discover one of the most enigmatic (and uncomfortable) racers of all time. In the end, it is just a car. You sit with a steering wheel in your hands. You change gear by shifting a lever fore and aft, working your way across a gate while depressing the furthest to the left of the...

Page 68 of April 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, April 1998

Lancia belter

With better luck, the Lancia LC2 could have beaten the Porsche 956. Giancarlo Reggiani remembers it as Bruno Giacomelli takes one to Monza for a final blast Nearly two decades ago, the world of sportscar racing was turned on its head. In a bid to revive seriously flagging crowds and grids, racing's rulemakers at FISA threw out the increasingly jumbled categories that allowed cars to be entered in...

Page 14 of January 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1993

Delirium tremens

Farewell to a straight shooterWhen it comes to telling things as they are, Fl can ill afford to lose men of the calibre of Goodyear's Lee Gaug "A lot of them are spoiled, overpaid kids who are not responsible. They're good, but as people they're not as good as they ought to be. They don't appreciate where their pay cheques come from." You could never accuse Lee Gaug of being bird-mouthed. He has...

Page 8 of August 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, August 1992

Back In The Groove

Mansell heads another easy Williams one-two, after Patrese plays the team game... Nigel Mansell had several uneasy moments while winning his sixth GP of the season in Magny Cours, but none of them came from the opposition. After the glitches of Monaco and Montreal the Williams steamroller rumbled efficiently back into action, and nobody ever looked likely to offer it a run. That became certainty...

Page 37 of May 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, May 1986

Brazilian GP

Rio in retrospect When a brand new Grand Prix car wins on its maiden outing, it is an event which always raises one's eyebrows: not simply over the quality of the individual victory, but what that victory might portend in the near future. When the Mercedes-Benz W196 won on its first appearance at Reims in 1954 it served as a preview for two seasons near-dominance by the three-pointed star; when...

Page 43 of January 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, January 1984

Lombard RAC Rally of Great Britain

When FISA finally gave in to an overwhelming demand and created, in 1979, an official World Championship for rally drivers, rather than just their cars, the tussle for the title was nail-bitingly close. All year Hannu Mikkola and Björn Waldegård made little impression on each other, and if one moved ahead significantly, the other soon caught up. Finally, the first holder of the title was...

Page 76 of April 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, April 2010

Lunch With... Derek Warwick

He never earned the Grand Prix wins he deserved, but the man once dubbed Britain’s next World Champion isn’t worried. He loves life just as it isBy Simon Taylor Twenty-five years ago Formula 1 drivers had already become, in their own eyes at least, pretty important people. Now they had motorhomes to hide in, and even a chat over a coffee had to be booked in advance via a stern PA, whose job it...

Page 58 of January 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, January 1980

Endurance Racing Survey

A review of the last five races in the World Championship for Makes series Several months have passed since we last reviewed the World Championship for Makes, in which time five further rounds have taken place. The June edition of Motor Sport covered "the story so far" up as far as the Rivet Supply Six Hours at Silverstone in May. At that point, all four rounds of the "sports car" endurance...



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