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Page 42 of April 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, April 1992

A true GT

The arrival of an Aston Martin in our lives was not a quiet occasion. A large truck disgorged AM V8 from its wheeled garage, the authoritative boom of its V8 scattering wild life even more effectively than the automatic fire from a neighbouring bird deterrent. The Virage V8 has the kind of sheer presence that makes the price tag in excess of £134,000 seem natural. Finished in a magnificent...

Page 55 of November 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, November 1993

A hint of the future?

The last Lagonda was produced in May 1990, but the Vignale seen at the Geneva Show last March was a curtain-raiser for the revival of the name, although certainly not with such an immensely large, rounded car as made its controversial debut in Switzerland. To loathe or to love? Like the Italianate Rapide that we also drive this month, that was the question. "Vignale believes that it was not shown...

Page 22 of January 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1986

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

With the Sierra RS Cosworth Ford has built a car in a class of its own. It is quite simply the best high performance saloon in the world. When it goes on sale in March it will be priced in the £16-17,000 bracket making 150 mph motoring a possibility for the first time for a fairly large section of the car-buying public. Ford has built the RS Cosworth as a homologation special for a serious...

Page 49 of January 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 49, January 1971

Ford's Advanced Vehicle Operations in action

When the Ford board of directors decided to move a section of their parts stores from the Aveley, Essex factory up to the Mdlands the next item on the agenda was obviously "What shall we do with the vacated space?" Decisions of that nature are not reached in five minutes but from the many suggestions came the answer "Advanced Vehicle Operations". And on January 14th last year AVO became fact....

Page 37 of November 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, November 1987

Remarkable Ramar

Ramar Engineering is a young (established mid-1985) and unfamiliar name, but ift the Panther Solo 2 is a commercial success it will owe a largely unacknowledged debt to Ramar's all-wheel-drive prowess. For it was Ramar at Kelvedon Hatch near Brentwood in Essex which executed the significant mating of Sierra Cosworth's 204 bhp, a Borg Warner T5 manual gearbox (also used in Sierra Cosworths) and...

Page 44 of April 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, April 1996

Spring Collection

Journalists once scrambled to scoop manufacturers. Lately, the tables have been turned, says Mike Cotton. Ask any senior figure in the motor industry, and he'll tell you that the spring is the wrong time to hold a motor show. It's halfway through the model year, too soon to show next year's novelties, too premature to judge the state of the market, too busy making and selling cars to attend an...

Page 48 of April 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, April 1992

Some caretaker

Walter Hayes has successfully tackled myriad challenges laid before him by the Ford Motor Company in the past 30 years. For his latest assignment, safeguarding the future of Aston Martin Lagonda, he was brought out of retirement. Now 67 years of age, Walter Hayes CBE has achieved enough to last most of us two lifetimes. Whilst his contemporaries queue for their bus passes, Hayes faces the most...

Page 46 of October 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, October 1986

Road Test: Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

When Ford invited motoring writers to drive the Sierra RS Cosworth in Spain last December, the occasion immediately passed into lore. Nobody was prepared for so much excitement and for months afterwards when two or three journalists were gathered together in one place, conversation soon got round to the subject of the Sierra. Driving a car on a company's selected route is one thing, using it as...

Page 30 of March 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, March 1991

National Racing -- Clubman's Formula

Twenty Five Years On In response to WPK's article on Clubman's racing in the November 1990 issue in which some aspects of the cars in use came under criticism, Ray Mallock has written a robust justification of the formula, the cars and the technology employed. 1990 celebrates the 25th year of the Clubman Formula. Barring the 750 and 1300 Formula, with which it shares some affinity, it is the...


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