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Page 76 of March 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, March 2011

Lunch with... Alex Wurz

Tall men are not meant to make top racing drivers, yet he had a busy 12-year career as F1 racer and tester. Now his heart is set on a third Le Mans win By Simon Taylor Alex Wurz looks like Hollywood’s idea of a racing driver: alert, clear-eyed, charming yet steely, wiry and very fit. And tall. But, as we know, in real life the most successful racing drivers tend to be little guys. It’s not just...

Page 14 of July 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, July 2011

The Motor Sport Month - Formula 1 News

Todt defends engine choiceJean Todt is standing by the controversial 2013 F1 turbo rules, despite opposition from Bernie Ecclestone and most of the teams. Ecclestone has said that the new four-cylinder engines won't sound impressive enough, while the teams are concerned about a cost escalation, and in Ferrari's case claim that the engine does not project the right image for F1. Todt has stressed...

Page 83 of November 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 83, November 2004

Yellow fever

Jordan is at a low ebb in 2004, but five years ago it was all so different. Adam Cooper recalls how close it came to title glory Ford's decision to abandon Formula One has created a cloud of uncertainty, not just over Jaguar — up for sale to the highest bidder — but also the teams who expect to use its Cosworth engines next year. Eddie Jordan could have done without this extra hurdle as his team...

Page 72 of April 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, April 2010

Return of the slick pitstop

With the ban on refuelling for 2010, fast tyre changes once again become key – and could be the deciding factor in a Grand PrixBy Adam Cooper Take a look through the 2010 FIA Sporting Regulations and you can almost miss it, but Article 29.1.c is set to turn Grand Prix racing on its head this season. The simple sentence ‘fuel may not be added to nor removed from a car during a race’ has created a...

Page 24 of March 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, March 2012

Nigel Roebuck

Reflections – Brundle says Sky coverage will be for the purists – Senna’s Williams ride removes Barrichello from F1 – Toro Rosso recruits know to whom they must aspire Although the 2011 Grand Prix season was dominated by Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull RB7, I think most would agree that, in terms of racing, it was substantially a better year than for a long time. Some of this, true, was...

Page 86 of July 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, July 2011

Lunch with . . . David Coulthard

From catching Senna's eye at Williams, to crossing swords with Schumacher, to helping Red Bull earn its wings, DC's F1 achievements go far beyond the statistics By Simon Taylor Lets deal with the statistics first. David Coulthard's 13 Formula 1 victories never won him the world title, but he was runner-up in 2001, and took third place in the table no fewer than four times. In his 247 Grands Prix...

Page 58 of April 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, April 2009

Lunch with Eddie Jordan

He’s the racer-turned-team boss whose wheeling and dealing helped him scale the heights of Formula 1 – and bring a sense of fun to the grid It’s safe to assume that we will never again see the like of Jordan Grand Prix. As the financial and political qualifications for entry into Formula 1 become ever tougher, and the paddock becomes more and more serious and straight-faced, so the possibility of...

Page 50 of August 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, August 2013


Analysing one Rosberg, relecting upon another and fond memories of a chat with Ferrari’s first World Championship Grand Prix winner González, recently departed If the recent form of Nico Rosberg has caused many to re-evaluate a driver long considered something of an enigma in formula 1, so it has also inevitably put Michael Schumacher’s ‘second career’ into fresh perspective. it may have fallen...

Page 13 of November 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, November 2011

Williams man joins McLaren

McLaren has strengthened its engineering team by hiring Sam Michael, who announced he was leaving Williams earlier this year. Although he is technical director at his current team Michael's new role will be that of sporting director, with his focus on race engineering rather than car design and construction. McLaren says Michael will, "join the senior management team and take specific...

Page 15 of September 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, September 2011

Williams returns to Renault

Williams returns to Renault Williams will renew its iconic relationship with Renault from 2012, ending its deal with Cosworth earlier than planned. Officially the new arrangement is for the last two years of the V8 formula, but it is expected to be extended into the turbo era from 2014. Under the new deal Williams will have a similar arrangement to fellow Renault users Red Bull, Lotus Renault and...



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