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Page 22 of December 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, December 1936

Club news

etta• /lewd BUGATTI OWNERS' CLUB The Welsh trial attracted nineteen The Welsh trial attracted nineteen starters in spite of the start being so far from town. Pen-y-Bryn is a tricky hill with three-quarters of a mile of slippery surface, which eaussd four failures. Treveriog was not troublesome and the whole entry sailed up, and Glynceiriog stopped only one car, though it had some nasty bends. The...

Page 13 of January 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, January 1928


CANCELLATION OF THE FRENCH GRAND PRIX. RACING CAR GRAND PRIX AT N1JRBURG RING. By our CONTINENTAL CORRESPONDENT. The cancellation of the French Grand Prix for 1928 is an occurrence which will be regarded with much disappointment by all motor racing enthusiasts. The classic event was first run in 1906, twenty-two years ago, and up till the war it was merely called the Grand Prix, being the only...

Page 15 of April 1926 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, April 1926


THE INTER-'VARSITY HILL CLIMB. Good Displays by Amateur Car and Motor Cycle Competitors at Henley Park. THE organisers of this event, which is perhaps the premier amateur motoring event held in this country, were doubly fortunate this year, first in obtaining the use of an excellent course on private ground at a time when such courses are practically unknown, and secondly, being favoured with...

Page 6 of July 1928 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, July 1928

1928 Le Mans 24 Hours report

4 1/2 litre Bentley driven by Woolf Barnato and B. Rubin wins the Grand Prix d'Endurance at record speed. 1,100cc Salmson wins the fourth Rudge-Whitworth Cup The Barnarto/Rubin Bentley leads the race Photos: Motorsport Images One of the finest road races ever staged on the Continent or anywhere else was run over the Sarthe circuit at Le Mans, on the 16th and 17th of June. The Sixth Grand Prix of...

Page 56 of August 1924 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, August 1924


THE CEMENT OR THE SEA? A Consideration of the Main Differences of Car and Motor Boat Racing. By ARTHUR BRAY. TO the ordinary layman, of course, there is a vast difference between racing on Brooklands Track and racing in a motor boat, but to the sportsman who pursues the wonderful performances of the internal combustion engine of to-day, there is a resemblance. On both, one can obtain that great...

Page 26 of December 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, December 1933


GREAT RAC] BE (Continue7i (rot KG MAR MET QUES Novemther issue) Before many weeks were past, however, the 44-litre Bentley took its first honours in a French 24-hour race. A contest of this nature was held on the road circuit at Montlhery on 15th August. The "44 " appeared as the single representative of the marque. Competition was not very keen, and driven by Clement and Duller it scored an easy...

Page 81 of October 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, October 1994

Sensible Skegness

A reader, Mr Jack Tatham of Wollaton, has drawn my attention to a feature which a local newspaper published last year about the old motor racing days at Skegness. The article shows how sensible, as well as bracing, Skegness must be. It managed to hold speed-trials on the beach as early as 1905, repeated in 1906, when motor-speed was not exactly popular in the land. The course was from opposite...

Page 74 of March 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, March 1996

Terence Cuneo

One of the greatest modern artists, Terence Cuneo, OBE, has died at the age of 88. In our world he will be remembered for his few, but outstanding, motoring studies. One of the best known of these is that of the Speed Six Bentley coupe driven for a bet by its owner, Woolf Barnato, beating the "Blue Train" from coast to coast across Europe in 1930, at an average speed of 43.43mph. Cuneo showed the...

Page 4 of July 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, July 1930


THE GRAND PRIX d'ENDURANCE OVERWHELMING BRITISH VICTORY IN THE CLASSIC 24-HOUR RACE. Barnato's Bentley at full speed on the long straight down to Mulsanne. When on the afternoon of Sunday, 22nd June, Woolf Barnato drew up after his run of 24 hours at le Mans, Bentley had scored its fourth successive win in the Grand Prix d'Endurance. During the two rounds of the clock Barnato and Kidston had...

Page 88 of July 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, July 1996

The Calthorpe

For some unaccountable reason I am apt to think of Calcott, Calthorpe, Clufey and Clyno as the four "Cs" of the vintage light-car era I have had some association with three of them. Of the foursome, the Calthorpe was the most sporting and racing-oriented make; the Clyno was covered in May's MOTOR SPORT. There were others of course, the Crouch for instance, but sufficient for the present. . . The...



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