How to watch the 2021 Historic Monaco Grand Prix: schedule and streaming details

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The Historic Monaco Grand Prix is back and bursting with classic racing cars: here's our guide on what's in it and how to watch

Ferrari real lead

This weekend's Historic Monaco Grand Prix weekend will have a special Ferrari theme


After being cancelled for 2020 due to Covid-19, the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique returns for its 12th running this weekend, beginning Friday (April 23) and ending Sunday (April 25). You’ll be able to watch the qualifying and racing action on this page.

This year’s event will have a Ferrari theme in celebration of the 70 anniversary of its first grand win with Jose Froilan Gonzalez in 1951, with many of the Scuderia’s greatest F1 and sports cars gracing streets which first saw F1 action back in 1929.

With 96 cars in total on track, the entire weekend is a veritable smorgasbord for fans of historic racing, and will also see grand prix legends such as Jean Alesi and Rene Arnoux driving.

The weekend begins with free practice sessions on Friday, followed by qualifying on Saturday and racing on Sunday.

Read our guide on which cars are racing, and when, as well as more details of how to watch it below. See the May issue of Motor Sport for a celebration of the drivers who became the Masters of Monaco by dominating F1’s toughest road race.


How to watch

The races will be streamed live on Sky Sports F1’s YouTube channel. You watch the event on this page below on Saturday, followed by racing at on Sunday.

How to buy tickets

Travel restrictions rule out most foreign visitors from attending the event this year, but you can attend the Historic Monaco GP if you happen to be one of the “residents, workers and Monégasque hotel customers” in the principality at the time of the event.

Tickets can be purchased from or by emailing [email protected].


What cars are racing at the Historic Monaco Grand Prix, and when?

The event will see seven different categories of racing, from pre-war fire-breathing monsters to 1980s F1 flyers. The scheduled times are BST, but historic racing events are particularly subject to timetable changes.

A Series -pre-war cars / voiturettes

pre war

A Maserati 6CM leads the field in a previous pre-war Monaco race


Pre-war monsters dice it out on the principality streets. This category will feature a 1934 Alfa Romeo TIPO B (P3), Bugatti 35B and a 1937 Maserati 4CM piloted by 2012 Spanish Grand Prix race winner Pastor Maldonado, amongst others.

  • Free Practice: Friday, April 23, 11am
  • Qualifying: Saturday, April 24, 8.30am
  • Race: Sunday, April 25, 9.05am


B Series – front-engined F1 cars (1946 – 1960)

Hill 246

A Ferrari 246 Dino will be run in honour of the last win for a front-engined F1 car, achieved by Phil Hill in 1960 at Monza

Getty Images

From the archive

Driven to victory at Monza in 1960 by U.S.’s only F1 champ Phil Hill, the Ferrari Dino 246F was the last front-engined car ever to win a grand prix, and thus will be driven as part of a delayed 60th-anniversary celebration of the race this year.

Pitted against the Dino will be a field including a 1958 Lotus 16 and a pair of Maserati 250Fs – cars from the age of Fangio, Ascari, Moss and Hawthorn.

  • Free Practice: Friday, April 23, 10am
  • Qualifying: Saturday, April 24, 7.30am
  • Race: Sunday, April 25, 8am


C Series – front-engined sports racing cars (1952-1957)

Ferrari MM

A 1953 Ferrari 250 MM will be featured as part of the 1952 Monaco GP celebration

Michael Cole/Corbis via Getty Images

In recognition of the 1952 Monaco GP, which featured sports cars instead of F1 entrants, the C Series will feature the Ferrari 250 Mille Miglia, in addition to a 1955 HWM-Jaguar, Jaguar C-Type, Aston Martin DB3S and a Lister Flat-Iron.

  • Free Practice: Friday, April 23, 3pm
  • Qualifying: Saturday, April 24, 1.30pm
  • Race: Sunday, April 25, 1pm


D Series – 1500cc Formula 1 cars (1961-1965)

Lotus 24

Lotus 24 will feature in the field of early ’60s grand prix cars


The D Series will see nimble early ’60s F1 cars dart round the streets of Monaco. A pair of Lotus 24s will feature in the field, as well as a Brabham BT2, a Lola MK4 and Cooper T53.

  • Free Practice: Friday, April 23, 1pm
  • Qualifying: Saturday, April 24, 9.30am
  • Race: Sunday, April 25, 10.10am


E Series – F1 cars up to 3 litres (1966-1972)

Ferrari 1968

Alex Caffi will pilot a Ferrari 312, seen here driven by Jacky Ickx

Bernard Cahier/Getty Images

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Continuing the Ferrari festivities, ex-F1 driver Alex Caffi will feature behind the wheel of one of four Ferrari 312s featuring in this series’ grid.

Also racing will be a 1970 McLaren M14A, 1971 McLaren M19A and 1971 Surtees TS9.

  • Free Practice: Friday, April 23, 2pm
  • Qualifying: Saturday, April 24, 10.30am
  • Race: Sunday, April 25, 11.15am


F Series – F1 (1973-76)

McLaren M26

McLaren M26 will feature in the 73-76 class


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Jean Alesi and René Arnoux, both former Ferrari F1 winners, will be driving a pair of Ferrari 312B3s, as campaigned by Jacky Ickx and Arturo Merzario in 1973.

The 17-car grid will also include a 1973 McLaren M23, 1974 Tyrrell 007, 1975 Shadow DN5 and 1976 McLaren M26.

  • Free Practice: Friday, April 23, 4pm
  • Qualifying: Saturday, April 24, 2.30pm
  • Race: Sunday, April 25, 2.05pm


G Series – Formula 1 cars (1977-80)

Hesketh 3088888888

A Hesketh 308 will return to the streets of Monaco once more this weekend

Tony Duffy/Getty Images

A 1977 Hesketh 308E will be part of the headlining F1 category, along with a Lotus 81 and Williams FW07B, as 19 late ’70s and early ’80s car roar through Saint Devote and beyond.

  • Free Practice: Friday, April 23, 5pm
  • Qualifying: Saturday, April 24, 3.30pm
  • Race: Sunday, April 25, 3.25pm