Video: Watch Bloodhound cockpit camera as car hits 628mph

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See Andy Green steer the Bloodhound land speed record car on course as he accelerates to 628mph in South Africa testing

The team behind the Bloodhound land speed record car arrived in South Africa in October, looking to test the car at up to 500mph.

By the time they left last month, the car and driver, Andy Green had hit 628mph on South Africa’s Hakskeenpan.

Now, the Bloodhound LSR team have released a 360-degree cockpit video, showing just what it takes to pilot a car at fighter jet speeds.

The video allows you to spin the camera to see the frequent steering corrections that Green, an RAF fighter pilot, uses to keep the car on track. His eyes tell of the concentration required when travelling at more than a mile every six seconds.

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The team and car have now returned to Britain, where the data from this year’s testing programme is now being analysed.

A rocket will be fitted to the car, supplementing its jet engine, ahead of a full land speed record attempt, which is expected to take place in 2021.

Green will be looking to break his own record of 763.035mph, set in Thrust SSC in 1997.

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