Concluding '80s month


A conclusion to ’80s Month from Motor Sport digital editor Jack Phillips, with an introduction below

UK and digital subscribers will have seen already that this month’s magazine is something of a 1980s special. Big turbos, big personalities, beautiful cars, heck there is even a flame-spewing JPS on the cover. 

And so, this month Motor Sport online is following suit. We’ve even got a new logo, straight out of Miami (Vice).

Throughout February we’ll be looking back on the good, the bad and the ugly from the 1980s. You can expect Mark Hughes to get into the nitty gritty of Formula 1’s 1000hp monsters, and Andrew Frankel will even take you into the cockpit of one. 

Dickie Meaden, who’s rarely far from the seat of a 1980s racing car, be it at Goodwood, Paul Ricard or Donington Park, will be revealing what links him, Nick Trott, a bedsheet and Bastos Rover…

Anyway, kicking things off today is Paul Fearnley with a whirlwind tour of the 1980s – direct from his student digs. You can read that here.

Don’t worry, we’ll still be covering the stories that matter (firing up the Flux Capacitor and all that) today, too. 

As ever, we’re not leaving our readers out. You can get involved by submitting your own photos from the decade, whether that’s Formula 1, sports cars, ‘bikes… and we’ll pick our favourite three to win a unique prize: their photo on a print of 1980s cover. Send in yours (and please make sure they are indeed yours, and not from Google) using the form below. Get voting, too, because the 10 photos with the most votes will be the shortlist from which we pick.

If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we’ll be going all 1980s too: head there for covers (good or questionable), Archive picks and much more. Follow it all with the hashtag #80sMonth.

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