Podcast: Adrian Newey, Engineering the Greats

Motor Sport Podcast

The first in a podcast series that looks at the partnership between engineer and Formula 1 driver: Adrian Newey discusses the great drivers he has worked with

Behind every great driver is a talented engineer, and the partnership between the two can make or break a world championship campaign.

In the first of a new series, Engineering the Greats, Adrian Newey reveals what it takes to work alongside top Formula 1 drivers and succeed – with impressive regularity.

The Red Bull designer, who also has won championships with Williams and McLaren, discusses how he adapted to working with the all-out style of Nigel Mansell; the meticulous nature of Alain Prost; and the brief feedback from Mika Hakkinen and Kimi Raikkonen.

He talks about the differences in driving style that gave Sebastian Vettel the advantage over Mark Webber, the “enigma” that is Damon Hill, and the design he’s proudest of, as well as looking ahead to a new set of Formula 1 regulations.

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