Podcast: Romain Dumas, Porsche's winning formula

Motor Sport Podcast

With over 20 years of racing experience at Le Mans — much with Porsche — Romain Dumas reveals more of the marque's winning formula in our latest podcast

Le Mans veteran Romain Dumas joins our latest podcast series, Porsche’s winning formula, to explore his success with the motor racing powerhouse.

The Frenchman has more than 20 years’ racing experience around the Circuit de la Sarthe and plenty more in the hillclimb and rally scene, two of his great racing passions growing up.

During an entertaining hour, Dumas delves into his early racing beginnings, a learned love for Porsche and his conquering of multiple disciplines.

From Pikes Peak to fighting with Audi across Europe and the U.S. to a Dakar ambition, Dumas’ enthusiasm for racing makes for a great listen for any ardent motor sport fan.

Plus, he gives his thoughts on the future of the World Endurance Championship and why Formula E might not be the way forward many make it out to be.