Gold-level fuel saving



The London Olympics is fast approaching and with that comes partners, sponsors and various British athletes doing weird and wonderful things in order to garner interest for the 2012 games and its sponsors alike.

Heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis has been doing her bit, but before you click away it’s worth reading what she discovered at a BP Target Neutral eco-drive day.

A route for the computer-controlled test at Millbrook Proving Ground was set and an expert eco-driver (imagine sitting next to him at supper) set a target time and fuel consumption. Ennis then completed the same course in the same automatic 3-litre diesel, and not only finished the 21-minute test six minutes slower but used a lot more fuel.

At this point we thought it would amount to an extra spend of £50 over a year, but taking into account an annual mileage of 12,000 Ennis would have actually spent £1120 more on fuel.

Beijing Paralympic Games 200m bronze medallist Stef Reid also did the test with a smaller 1.8-litre petrol and could save £460 a year. “It’s not a matter of driving more slowly,” Reid admitted. “It’s being a smoother driver.”

Ennis added: “Efficient driving is about being smooth and safe and anticipating the road ahead. I’ve learned to not accelerate too hard, not to over-rev and slowing down to coast in gear with your foot off the accelerator.”

If you have any confusion about how to save fuel, just ask the next London minicab driver you meet.

Or, if you don’t live in London… click here

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