Three classics, one online marketplace


Capitalising on the booming restoration market, eBay Parts & Accessories  recently helped three lucky classic car enthusiasts restore their classics – of varying degree – back to better than new. A £4,000 budget was offered to each of the chosen three to spend on the online marketplace site, with three months to finish the job.

The cars? A Triumph GT6 Mk3, which you can see at this weekend's Silverstone Classic on the Restoration Live stand, a VW Beetle and a Riley Kestrel, of all things. 

1973 Triumph GT6 MK3

David Newell has a dream: "I want little boys to think, 'you know what, I dont have to have a silver Mondeo. I can make interesting choices and keep the roads an interesting place to be and celebrate the classic car heritage we have.'" His means of realising that dream is a Triumph GT6 Mk3 that's seen better, less rusty days. Until now. 

1971 VW Beetle

Apprentice test engineer Robyn, 21, has always been a Beetle fan. So follow her journey from a little more than a rolling shell of a 1300 to a personalised and upgraded Beetle, with an extra 300cc.

1968 Riley Kestrel

A surprise birthday present for owner Charlie's 21st birthday, and the more obscure of the trio: a Riley Kestrel 1300. "Driveable, but bland", he says, and so – naturally – white wall tyres are bought along with plenty of small touches to return the car to its 1960s pomp. And, more importanly, all of the leaks are plugged.


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