2016 Hall of Fame podcast: the sports car debate

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The sports car category for the 2016 Hall of Fame is now open and, like we did for the Formula 1 category, we sat down and came up with a short list of names you can vote on.

Joining us in the studio, sorry, meeting room, at Motor Sport was the doyen of sports car racing Gary Watkins. As Rob mentions at the start, if you go to a sports car race and he’s not there, you’re probably in the wrong place. Gary started with a list of 120 names(!), we whittled that down to 24 and we ended up with 12 for you to vote on. And this time it is actually 12 rather than a Damien Smith 12 (15) like we had in the F1 podcast…

To remind you who’s already in the Motor Sport magazine Hall of Fame, click here for the founding members and here for the inductees.

Click here to vote on the sports car category.

Click here to vote on the Formula 1 category

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