Chevron works with Mission Motorsport


At Donington this past weekend Chevron’s cars appeared with Mission Motorsport logos, marking the British manufacturer’s support for the charity.

Jordan and David Witt are running a Chevron GT3 and GT4, respectively, in the GT Cup Championship this year under the Chevron Cars banner. “It’s a great association that we are developing with Mission Motorsport,” David said before the races, “and a fantastic charity to support. We will be welcoming service personnel into our team garage this weekend, and look forward to having members of Mission Motorsport working with us throughout the season.”

The charity’s main aim was laid out by former Army Major Adam Marchant-Wincott: “The guiding principle behind Mission Motorsport is to seek, through the automotive and motor sport industries, vocational opportunities to try and provide hope and a bright and exciting future for wounded, injured and sick personnel.”

Witt bought Chevron last year in an effort to keep the British car builder afloat, with the majority of the team that worked on the GR8s staying on. At Donington the company’s season got off to a great start with Jordan Witt posting two fourth-place finishes and a seventh after starting from the pitlane.

“To achieve three finishes in the top 10 is a fantastic result for us at the first GT Cup round of the year,” said David. “With 27 cars on the grid, which is a big entry, just to be up there battling at the front meets our main aim for the start of the season. We are extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made with the development of the GT3 and GT4 over the winter.”

“We have had a fabulous weekend and are immensely grateful to David Witt and the whole Chevron team,” added Marchant-Wincott. “We hope that through our work, aided by the generosity of Chevron and the GT Cup community, we can continue to provide recovery activities and, in the longer term, vocational opportunities in motor sport for our wounded, injured and sick service and veteran personnel.”

Chevron and Mission Motorsport will be competing again on May 11-12 when the GT Cup Championship visits Brands Hatch.

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