Watch Hurley Haywood drive his Sebring-winning Porsche

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Watch Hurley Haywood drive his 1973 Sebring-winning Porsche 911 RSR before the 66th Sebring 12 Hours begins this weekend

Hurley Haywood won the Le Mans 24 Hours on his first attempt, won the Daytona 24 Hours five times and the Sebring 12 Hours twice, mostly in Porsches. Watch, before the 66th Sebring 12 Hours, as Haywood is reunited with his 1973 Sebring Winning Carrera RSR. In Andrew Frankel’s October 2016 feature, in which he drove the car, Haywood said: “I have very happy memories of it there. The car was very active, it did everything from the back end, it was really very mobile and great fun to drive. There’s a picture of me on the podium and you can see the blisters on my hands from all the manhandling I had to do with it. Porsche had built a fine racing car, it made good power and responded wonderfully to everything you did with it.”

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