Al mighty


US racing category nominee #11: Al Unser Snr

Al Mighty

Vol LXXVII No. 10 – October 2002

Few racers have let their driving do their talking like Al Unser Snr. Despite winning the Indy 500 four times, he tends to shun publicity. But this modest hero spoke to David Malsher about his Brickyard brilliance

The Penske team was in trouble. Firstly, its PC16 hadn’t worked in the opening rounds of 1987, and now it faced the Indy 500, running year-old March 86Cs. Then, early in practice, Danny Ongais, scheduled for a third Penske entry, put himself into the wall and out of action for the rest of May.

In typical Penske style, the Chevy-engined Marches were qualified comfortably by Rick Mears (third) and Danny Sullivan (16th). But who would take the third car?

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