1961 Monaco Grand Prix

Grand Prix de Monaco

Sunday, May 14, 1961
Warm, dry and hazy
Fastest Lap:
Ginther and Moss, 1m36.3
1961 season:

What a race !

MONTE CARLO, May 14th.

WITH no races being held in the Argentine this year the Monaco G.P. was the first Grande Epreuve of the season and naturally everyone wanted to be in it but, as usual, the number of cars permitted to start on the narrow and twisting 3.145-km. circuit was limited to sixteen. This year a different arrangement of selection was used, in place of the previous idea of taking the sixteen fastest in practice out of those invited to compete. Each factory team was given two places for their leading drivers, so that Bonnier and Gurney were in for Porsche, Graham Hill and Brooks for B.R.M., Brabham and McLaren for Cooper, Clark and Ireland for Lotus, and Phil Hill and von Trips for Ferrari. In addition to these ten Moss and Trintignant were given definite entries, as members of private teams, because they were both past winners of the race ! This meant that there were four places left for the remainder of the entry, to be decided between them on practice times; and battling for these places were Ritchie Ginther with a third works Ferrari, Hans Herrmann with a third Works Porsche, Gendebien and Bianchi with Emerysons from the Equipe National Beige, Allison and Henry Taylor with U.D.T.-Laystall Lotus cars, Masten Gregory with the Camoradi Cooper, Michael May, the Swiss driver, with Seidel's Lotus, and John Surtees with a Yeoman Credit Cooper. Reg Parnell had wisely only brought his fastest driver along and had sent Salvadori down to Naples where another F.I race was being held on the same day. Before practice started the outcome of the four final places was fairly clear, for obviously Ginther and Herrmann with works cars would get in, as would Suttees with the Yeoman Credit Car, so that there was only doubt about the sixteenth place and the also-rants were to struggle for one position on the starting grid.