Inside the January 2020 issue

This month’s magazine gets all personal.

Motor Sport is well known for the intense rivalries it cultivates both on the track and off it, between drivers, teams and entire companies. And it is this element of our sport that we celebrate in the first issue of 2020.

To do so we count down 25 of the all-time great clashes that have written themselves into the history books. But this being Motor Sport, we couldn’t simply re-hash the well-known (not to say cliched) examples. You won’t find Senna v Prost or Lauda v Hunt in our pages this month. Our feeling was that since these stories are so well known, we would be better off highlighting some of the lesser known but equally combustible rivalries. We also wanted to make space for some more unusual choices – Brabham versus the entire Paddock, anyone?

The result is, we feel, a suitably eclectic and fascinating collection of rivalries spanning F1, drag racing, MotoGP, rally and speed records.

You may think we have missed some out, in which case we’d love to hear from you either via social media using the #racingrivals hashtag or by email. I’m pretty sure not everyone will agree with our choice of top three in which case feel free to write to me with yours…


F1 Season Review

Lewis Hamilton on the podium at the British Grand Prix

Photo: Motorsport Images

Speaking of controversial choices, this month also sees us publish our F1 season review which includes Mark Hughes’ pick of the best drivers of the year. I don’t think I am giving too much away when I tell you that Lewis Hamilton takes the top spot, but the rest of Mark’s top 10 is bound to spark debate. Again, if you have a different view please let us know (I’m sure you will).

It has been quite a season but new regulations for 2021 mean that we can look forward to even better racing in the years to come – or at least that is the theory. We asked Lawrence Butcher, one of the best technical reporters around, to look at the new regs and explain why the changes have been made and then explore whether those changes will have the desired effect. The results are eye opening and – broadly encouraging.


Tommi Mäkinen

Tommi Makinen

Photo: Motorsport Images

Elsewhere in the magazine, we have lunch with Tommi Mäkinen who talks to us about starting out in Finland, winning four world championships and how a chance meeting with Toyota led to him running its current WRC team which only narrowly missed out on the constructors’ title this year. 

We also tell the incredible story of Stan Barratt, a Hollywood stuntman who just may have been the first man to break the sound barrier on land almost 30 years before Andy Green did just that in 1997. It is a little-known story and an eye opening one.

You see: we are nothing if not unpredictable.



January 2020
Racing Rivalries: The 25 most explosive battles between drivers, teams, cars... and families.



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