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Some racing cars capture the imagination in period – and retain their allure for many years afterwards. The Silk Cut Jaguars that bestrode Le Mans during the 1980s are a case in point.

Commercial necessity stripped them of the simple, elegant liveries that had decorated winning Jaguars 30 years beforehand, but they still looked the part and reinforced Britain’s long-lasting love affair with the world’s most celebrated endurance race. In 1988 Andy Wallace, Jan Lammers and Johnny Dumfries gave Jaguar its sixth Le Mans win, 31 years after its fifth, and in 1990 the marque was celebrating again, after Martin Brundle joined John Nielsen and Price Cobb in an XJR-12 like the one gracing this month’s cover.

It has been Motor Sport’s great privilege to reunite Brundle with the XJR-12 and listen to his memories come flooding back – and also to gauge the reaction of his son Alex, nowadays also a professional sports car racer, as he took to Silverstone to get a feel for his father’s era. And XJR-12 designer Tony Southgate tells us about some of the car’s key features.

Elsewhere, our grand prix editor Mark Hughes reveals the fruits of an exclusive interview with Ferrari’s latest F1 team principal Mattia Binotto… and also makes a few calculations that might make worrying reading for the Italian as he contemplates what lies ahead.

With the future of the British Grand Prix still hanging in the balance as we closed for press, Rob Ladbrook investigates the challenges thrown up by Silverstone – to accompany Motor Sport’s advice about making the most of the UK’s highest-profile race weekend. 

To complement this month’s F1 package, we also have a grand prix racing ‘rich list’. Who are the sport’s 20 wealthiest individuals? Some of the answers might surprise you.

Gordon Cruickshank takes a look at the fascinating, often quirky history of wind tunnels, we are proud to present an excerpt from legendary designer Gordon Murray’s new book One Formula – 50 Years of Car Design, Ed Foster analyses Nick Hedifeld’s 41.6sec Goodwood hill record, 20 years on, and Simon Arron grabs a spot of lunch with former Ferrari race engineer Rob Smedley.

Me? I’ve been to Spain to evaluate the eagerly awaited new Toyota Supra, a trip that included a few laps of the Spanish Grand Prix’s former home Jarama, close to Madrid.

F1 last graced its asphalt in 1981 and, as I returned home, it looked ever more likely that the nation was on the verge of losing its annual showpiece altogether, as space must be found on next season’s calendar for the revived Dutch GP and a new fixture in Vietnam.

That’s a reflection of our industry’s ever-evolving nature, but Motor Sport will always do its best to fuse past, present and future and I hope you’ll agree that our July 2019 issue strikes the right balance.

And of course, we pay tribute to a truly phenomenal driver, Niki Lauda: 1949-2019. The Motor Sport obituary to Lauda is available to read here.

Happy reading.

Joe Dunn, Editor


December 2019
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