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Hall of Fame 2016: Jeff Gordon

Opinion by Jack Phillips, February 1st 2016

US racing category nominee #5: Jeff Gordon Friends, team-mates, rivals... Vol...

Hall of Fame 2016: Bill France Sr & Jr

Opinion by Jack Phillips, January 29th 2016

US racing category nominee #4: Bill France Sr & Jr An Amrican banking...

Hall of Fame 2016: Dale Earnhardt Sr

Opinion by Jack Phillips, January 27th 2016

US racing category nominee #2: Dale Earnhardt Sr Long shadow of the man in...

Kyle Busch's first Sprint Cup

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, November 26th 2015

You may not think much of NASCAR’s ‘Chase for the Cup’ play-off system but it...

What if Jeff Gordon had gone to F1?

Opinion by Nigel Roebuck, November 25th 2015

Mexico’s recent return to the world championship was a huge success, and that...

NASCAR’s 2015 Sprint Cup

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, November 10th 2015

Two races to go in NASCAR’s epic 36-race Sprint Cup series and thanks to the...

The story of Million Dollar Bill

History by Alex Harmer, September 18th 2015

NASCAR's Chase for the Cup begins this Sunday at Chicagoland Speedway and no...

NASCAR at mid-season

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, June 19th 2015

After 15 of 36 races, NASCAR’s premier Sprint Cup series takes a rare break...

Daytona 500 report

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, February 23rd 2015

Hendrick Motorsports’ fleet of Chevrolets looked darn near unbeatable at...

Daytona's changing spectacle

History by Gordon Kirby, February 13th 2015

It’s become part of NASCAR legend that the fist fight between Cale Yarborough...

The outstanding career of Jeff Gordon

History by Gordon Kirby, January 30th 2015

Jeff Gordon started racing in his native California when he was just a kid and...

Aiming high

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, January 15th 2015

I’ve been reading everything motor sport-related over the last couple of months...

Kevin Harvick: 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, November 17th 2014

Kevin Harvick took his first NASCAR Sprint Cup championship in style by scoring...

Racing's greatest generation

History by Gordon Kirby, November 10th 2014

There’s little doubt in most of our minds, is there not, that the ‘60s produced...

Tony Stewart on his travails

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, October 1st 2014

Tony Stewart faced the media this week for the first time since the fatal...

Changes coming for NASCAR

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, September 29th 2014

NASCAR is into the thick of its ‘Chase for the Cup’ over the final 10 rounds of...

Tony Stewart's hard times

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, August 18th 2014

As everyone knows, Tony Stewart’s life was plunged into a very difficult,...

Dale Earnhardt Jr wins Daytona 500

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, February 24th 2014

Rain caused a six-and-a-half hour delay to this year’s Daytona 500 but when the...

The Villeneuves at Trois-Rivières

History by Mark Hughes, February 14th 2014

Jacques Villeneuve contesting the new World Rallycross Championship is exciting...

Jimmie Johnson at the top of his game

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, November 18th 2013

Matt Kenseth gave a rousing try, qualifying on the pole for NASCAR’s season...



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