Latest articles in NASCAR

Penske’s Maestro

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, December 15th 2016

Gordon Kirby's latest book uncovers the story of American racing's quiet winner...

The challenges of driving in NASCAR

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, November 29th 2016

Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson has emerged as one of the greatest,...

Farewell Tony Stewart

Opinion by Ed Foster, November 16th 2016

As Tony Stewart finishes his NASCAR Sprint Cup career with three championships...

The Chase: The final three

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, November 1st 2016

Gordon Kirby looks ahead to the final three races of NASCAR's chase Three...

Gentleman Jimmie

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, October 18th 2016

Sprint Cup leader Jimmie Johnson is in no mood to slow down, he tells Gordon...

What the Liberty Media purchase means for F1 in the USA

Opinion by Ed Foster, September 28th 2016

The Liberty Media purchase of a controlling stake in Formula 1 is far from a...

Watch: Jeff Gordon drives a Williams FW24

Opinion by Web Editor, August 4th 2016

NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon turns 45 years old today, so we've delved into...

A taste of NASCAR

Opinion by Ed Foster, July 27th 2016

Blair Dupree runs ARCX (American Race Car Experience) at Rockingham and he’s in...

Andretti, Stewart & Ickx on Carl Haas

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, July 8th 2016

Carl Haas has passed away aged 86 after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s...

The Frances - American racing’s power brokers

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, March 30th 2016

'Big Bill' France ushered American motor racing into the modern era. He was...

Hamlin & Truex Jr – 10 years on

Opinion by Jamie Howlett, February 23rd 2016

Denny Hamlin edged out team-mate Martin Truex Jr. by four inches in an...

From the Archive – Behra to Rossi

History by Jack Phillips, February 19th 2016

To buy the lead image, click here Jean Behra was born 95 years ago this week,...

NASCAR legends: Petty to Gordon

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, February 15th 2016

Four legends of NASCAR are leading contenders in the Motor Sport Hall of Fame...

Hall of Fame 2016: Jeff Gordon

Opinion by Jack Phillips, February 1st 2016

US racing category nominee #5: Jeff Gordon Friends, team-mates, rivals... Vol...

Hall of Fame 2016: Bill France Sr & Jr

Opinion by Jack Phillips, January 29th 2016

US racing category nominee #4: Bill France Sr & Jr An Amrican banking...

Hall of Fame 2016: Dale Earnhardt Sr

Opinion by Jack Phillips, January 27th 2016

US racing category nominee #2: Dale Earnhardt Sr Long shadow of the man in...

Kyle Busch's first Sprint Cup

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, November 26th 2015

You may not think much of NASCAR’s ‘Chase for the Cup’ play-off system but it...

What if Jeff Gordon had gone to F1?

Opinion by Nigel Roebuck, November 25th 2015

Mexico’s recent return to the world championship was a huge success, and that...

NASCAR’s 2015 Sprint Cup

Opinion by Gordon Kirby, November 10th 2015

Two races to go in NASCAR’s epic 36-race Sprint Cup series and thanks to the...

The story of Million Dollar Bill

History by Alex Harmer, September 18th 2015

NASCAR's Chase for the Cup begins this Sunday at Chicagoland Speedway and no...



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