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Death of the super-SUV

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, October 21st 2014

How betrayed should those of us who love thoroughbred sports cars feel when...

Affordable classics

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, October 7th 2014

Like me you may be watching with ever increasing astonishment as classic car...

Jaguar's XE unveiled

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, September 9th 2014

After last (Monday) night, when we get to drive it, the new Jaguar XE had...

The value of data

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, August 19th 2014

This month Land Rover announced that its new Range Rover Sport was the fastest...

Getting the steering right

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, August 12th 2014

Earlier this year BMW posted a corporate video on YouTube. In all regards bar...

How not to do the Targa

History by Andrew Frankel, August 5th 2014

What, relative to expectations, is the worst motoring experience of your life?...

A connection too far

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, July 29th 2014

I gave up the fruitless fight against the relentless advance of my middle years...

Classic car prices

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, July 15th 2014

A few weeks back, renown Porsche specialists Autofarm sold a 1973 Porsche 911...

Reading your fellow road user

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, July 8th 2014

When I learned to drive I was told to learn to ‘read the road’. What no-one...

LaFerrari vs McLaren P1 vs Porsche 918. Or not...

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, July 1st 2014

At last it was going to happen. The answer to the most meaningless yet somehow...

Slowly does it

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, June 10th 2014

The reality gap between my professional life as a motoring journalist, and my...

A summer look at winter tyres

Opinion by Ed Foster, June 6th 2014

There’s something very strange about being asked to ‘bring warm coats and...

The Google self-drive car

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, May 28th 2014

Google has revealed more details of the autonomous car it is already testing on...

Driving the LaFerrari

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, May 27th 2014

I’m not sure why, but I was expecting a little more ceremony when I arrived in...

Inside Bentley's factory

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, May 2nd 2014

I went to see Bentley in Crewe on Wednesday for reasons that will become...

Why I've fallen for this classic 2CV

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, April 15th 2014

Some of you might remember that last year I finally satiated my curious craving...

Hypercars – all just hype

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, March 18th 2014

I’m not sure I like the term ‘hypercar’. I first remember seeing it 20 odd...

The return of the rear-engined city car

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, March 10th 2014

As is the way of such things, last week’s Geneva Motorshow was heaving with...

A Lambo to love

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, March 4th 2014

Last night I attended the get together that VW hosts on the eve of every major...

Has Mini gone too far with its new model?

Opinion by Andrew Frankel, February 18th 2014

What do you think of the modern Mini? It’s a subject capable of inducing looks...



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