I consider that the criticism of the Delahaye by Lt. Whalley is extremely harsh and rather unfair. He talks of the ”

publicity motor “as being somethim, (iliac different from the ordinary Delahave on the market ; in my experience, and I own both types, this is quite untrue. The racing car is very similar to the ordinary model ; it needs no special tuning, runs very well on Pool petrol, and if needs lw is a very docile car to take to the theatre or a night club in the evening. On the other hand, it has lapped Brooklands at 127 m.p.h., and averaged 117 m.p.h. throughout the ” 500,” besides many other achievements.

I very much doubt if the “4.3 ” Alvis and the 41-litre Bentley could carry out both these achievements so successfully, although their engine capacity and running costs are somewhat greater. I am, Yours, etc.,

R.N.V.R. It. It. G. WALKER.

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