with REDEX additive

Getting the Most out of our available horsepower without extensive mechanical modifications, is an ambition that can now be realised. Engine efficiency is reflected either in more miles per gallon, or in improved acceleration—one cannot normally have it both ways at once: Willing horsepower is usually the. hardest worked and REDO( engineers are concerned to ease the burden on over-Strained •horses’. REDEX is an Oil and Fuel Additive which performs a number of vital functions in a highly stressed engine. In petrol, REDEX is an upper cylinder lubricant providing lubrication to dry cylinder walls on every cold start. It will prevent, hard carbon deposits forming on valves and piston rings—a major cause of poor compression and give much longer periods between de-cokes.

As an extreme pressure lubricant in engine and gearbox REDEX increases oil film strength, cuts down frictional heat. As a :synthetic liquid wax, it ensures lubrication at high temperatures, preventing possible seizure during periods of high stress and riot bearing conditions. RE.DEX. blends completely witIvall fuels and all grades: of lubricating oil. REDEX is added to petrol. one penny shot (approx. A oz.) to each gallon of fuel, and to engine oil in the proportion of one part REDEX to three parts oil. In gearbox one part R EDEX should be used with five parts oil.

The table below shows how acceleration and fuel consumption figures Can be improved after the ears have been REDEXed, and subsequently after ignition and carburation have been adjusted to take advantage of the power released by REDEX.

Before R EDEN. treatment the engine. is checked. After taking performance times and making an accurate petrol consumption test the sump is drained and Idled with REDEX. Plugs are removed and 2 or 3 use. of REDEX poured through each plug hole and left to soak for 20 minutes. Plug holes are covered with rag and the starter motor is operated to eject :surplus II El) t; X and plug:. replaced. The engine is started and set to run at a fast tickover foe 15 minutes, during which time j pint of REDEX is bled into the inlet manifold. The sump is then drained and refilled with one part It ED k; X to three parts oil. Sparking plugs and contact breaker points are then cleaned and adjusted, and the tinting accurately reset. It is possible to obtain a quick and more accurate ignition setting by usinga Li EDEX tuning gutv4e than by reference to flywheel markings. Carburettor adjustments ‘should he made and the car can be rechecked for performance and consumption. For more details of Of REDEX and II EDEN. instruments, write your name and address in the marg’n tind send this advertisement to:

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