1t4ONOMARK Service. Permanent London ad1"-f. dress. Letters redirected. Confidential. 5s. p.a. Royal patronage. Keytag 9d. Write Mello mark, BMMONO6V, W.C.1. MG (1938) 10-h.p. sports green 2-seater in • ,-. • first-class condition, with dxcellent tyres, triplex glass sidescreens. Best offer over £325 secures. Lt.-Col. Buckland, 29, Nicholas Street, Chester. (Tel. No. Chester 1548.)

ALVIS " 12/50 " saloon, good mechanical condidon, all instruments work, fair tyres, needs battery. £25. W. B.. 123, Bilton Lane, Harrogate.

192A Model 40 V8 Drophead Foursome. Car as 0-x new both as regards bodywork and mechanism. Not used since body repainted and rehooded. New engine, Scintilla mag., L.M.B. front suspension, special lamps and horns, 16-in. wheels, 5 brand new (not synthetic) tyres, 30-gn. radio. K. Hutchison, Vale house, Frensham Vale, Lowe! Bourne, Farnham, Surrey.

1-SEATER Trials Special Ford V8. New engine, 44 tuned, and with magneto, shortened wheelbase, i6-cwt. good tyres. Used by Hutehison in trials with great success. Details and price, Box No. 1 7 t Moron SPoIer, 15, City Road, E.C.1. BUGAT'17 3.3-litre, Type 57, twin o.h.c. Fitted

Corsica open 4/5-seater sports tourer. Mechanically perfect, 14 mm. plugs, etc. Immaculate, opalescent blue. £1_,950. Also Mercedes-Benz. " 88/250," 1931 model fitted Corsica 4/5-seater drophead coupe. Inunaculate, opalescent blue. Smart 1938 body. Mechanically 100 per cent. 100 m.p.h. £.975. Box No. 162, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

QCINTILLA Vertex NV6, first-class condition. 0." £12 12s, or near offer. Box No. 172, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1.

CENTRIC supercharger and all accessories, including manifold aAid carburetter, water pump and drive, axle lock. Straight-cut crown wheel and pinion, 8/43 ratio tonneau cover, detachable luggage 'grid, all suitable for P-type M.O. Two chromiumplated 12V Bosch horns, domed horn-type, one 100 m.p.h. 6-in. dia, speedometer, two 10-1n, din. chromium-plated Biffex long-range headlamps, four pairs of heavy-duty Hartford shock-absorbers, one flaws ,y fog lamp, 6-in. by 10-in. R. Lowe, Harboro Hall, Blakedown, near Kidderminster.

Hall, Blakedown, near Kidderminster.

AvsTIN Seven speedy, 1934. Recent new crank and camshafts. Copperised head. Spare etunshaft. Mechanically sound, body rough. Offers to Lt. Wilson, West Walton Rectory, Wisbech.

MERCEDES-BENZ 1936 13-h.p. Cabriolet. Rear xvi. engine, twin top. Unique car in really good condition. Laid up five years. £175. Central Garage, Moretonhampstead, Devon. ASTON-MARTIN 1935 Mark II long-chassis

tourer, with 1936 modifications. This car is in most beautiful condition and has always been serviced by A.M.s. Fitted new tyres. Any examination welcomed. £650. No offers. Tel. : Liss, Hants 67.

AIINOTT 1,100-c.c.-type supercharger, complete with carburetter, oil tank and fittings. In new condition. £20, or near offer. Box No. 173, MOTOR SPORT, 15, City Road, E.C.1. o2A M.G. Magnette K.1, pillarless saloon,

7,64-1 28,000 miles. Completely overhauled, recellulosed, new tyres. Exchange for 1936-37 8.8. le-litre Jaguar, or (=skier sale. 91, Oxhey Lane. Hatch End, Mddx.

DARTLY rebuilt Gwynne Eight Special rebored I block, Hornet pistons, AlvinS.E. gearbox, wire wheels, 19 by 500 tyres, all machine work done, £12. AlvinS.E. dual magneto, £4. Front axle, new pins, bushes, £2. Hornet engine, £6. Austin Seven engine, 1933, £5. 105, Eaton Terrace Mews, S.W.1. Slo. 0574.