Unusual Christmas gifts for motor sport fans


Nigel Mansell and Kimi Raikkonen signed steering wheels

F1 driver-signed steering wheels

These brilliant, full-size, suede, red-stitched, flat-bottomed steering wheel are hand signed by 2007 World Champion Kimi Räikkönen. It also comes with a full certificate of authenticity. (Link forwards to Raikkonen wheel as shown on right).

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Castrol GTX coasters

Oil can coasters

The oil can coaster provides the perfect placemat for any petrolhead’s beverage, proving that it’s not just oil which is intergral to liquid engineering – it’s coffee and tea too. The coasters are designed in a classic weathered garage style and are avilable in numerous oil brand/racing car designs.


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Bentley cufflinks

Bentley engine part cufflinks

It’s now possible to dress yourself in motoring history with Bentley’s engine part cufflinks. Made from vintage Bentley V8 bearings, these upcyled accessories live up to the marque’s stylish heritage. The cufflinks come with a certifcate of authenticity and are presented in a tasteful black cufflink box.


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Porsche engine model

Porsche Carrera model engine kit

The 547 Porsche racing Carrera engine is thought to be unique in the world of racing, and now you have a chance to build it yourself. This kit allows you to examine every detail of the engine in recreating it as a transparent, working model. The accompanying book also provides a comprehensive history of Porsche’s early racing years, a great coffee table addition.


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Heel Tread Williams socks

Heel Tread socks

It’s now possible to deck your heels in your favourite motor racing colours. These high quality socks, well designed socks are ready for the many circuits of daily life. Liveries available include Rothmans Williams, Gulf GT40, and McLaren MP4/4. 


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Ferrari Hydroplane model

Ferrari Hydroplane model

A fascinating piece of motoring history, the Ferrari Hydroplane has its own special place in the pantheon of speed. Achille Castoldi persuaded Enzo Ferrari to supply him with a grand prix engine to power his ultimate water-going record breaker and its 150.19mph record for a 800kg boat still stands today. The model is made entirely from wood and features incredible detail throughout.


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