MotoGP Mutterings: 2019 Spanish Grand Prix, parts 1 and 2


The complete set of MotoGP Mutterings from the 2019 MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix

MotoGP Mutterings: 2019 Spanish Grand Prix

Marquez Jerez 2019 MotoGP

“Marc Márquez is leading the riders’ championship and Honda is leading the constructors’ championship, so MotoGP could hardly be going better for the Japanese manufacturer. But what’s up with the issues it’s been having at the last few races: chains coming off the sprockets, and bikes cutting out? This is all very un-Honda.”

Our first download of Jerez MotoGP info: HRC sorting its issues, another Márquez miracle, why Álex Rins didn’t challenge for the win, plus Honda’s new black frame.

MotoGP Mutterings: 2019 Spanish Grand Prix, part 2 


“Yamaha has yet to break out of the doldrums into which it drifted several years ago, but things could be so much worse for the premier category’s second most successful manufacturer.”

The most important news from the 2019 Spanish MotoGP Grand Prix, including Ducati’s struggles, Lorenzo’s morale, updates from Aprilia and HRC and Yamaha’s potential saviour.



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