Hall of Fame 2016: AJ Foyt


US racing category nominee #3: AJ Foyt

Lunch with… AJ Foyt

Vol 91 No. 2 – February 2015

Having honed his craft in the toughest of racing schools, he conquered Indy, Le Mans, NASCAR… and pretty much everything else he tried
Writer Simon Taylor | Photographer Julie Soefer

Flying in from London I had to clear US immigration at Newark, New Jersey, which is not one of the world’s loveliest airports. At last I got to the end of the disgruntled queue to have my passport and fingerprints checked. The paunchy border official, slumped behind his desk, was ungracious and unsmiling, barely lifting his hooded eyelids to look at me as he grunted through his routine: “Where from? Destination? Reason for visit?” In reply to the third I said, “I’m a journalist” and, because this often produces an unwelcome reaction, I added diffidently, “I’m flying on to Texas to interview AJ Foyt.”

The effect on the official was instantaneous and galvanising. He sat up straight, opened his eyes fully, and beamed at me. “Hey, you goin’ to see ol’ AJ? He still kickin’ ass?”

Yes, I replied, ol’ AJ is still kickin’ ass.

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