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Mike Earle podcast

by Ed Foster, April 9th 2015

As Rob mentions when introducing the podcast Mike Earle has spent five decades...

2015 F1 season preview podcast

by Ed Foster, March 9th 2015

It's that time of year again: Formula 1 testing's over, the driver line-ups are...

Mark Blundell podcast

by Ed Foster, February 13th 2015

Formula 1 cars, sports cars, Indycars... Mark Blundell must have driven more...

Dario Franchitti podcast

by Ed Foster, January 30th 2015

From an Allan McNish $10 bet to Formula E, via testing F1 cars for McLaren and...

David Brabham podcast

by Ed Foster, December 11th 2014

Project Brabham, Le Mans, Formula Ford, Mike Thackwell, Formula 3000, F1, the...

F1 season review podcast

by Ed Foster, November 28th 2014

Hamilton vs Rosberg, the Mercedes dominance, the brilliance of Daniel Ricciardo...

Jonathan Palmer podcast

by Ed Foster, October 28th 2014

As we sat in Jonathan Palmer's Brands Hatch office we overlooked a motorbike...

Drivers' Forum at the Revival

by Ed Foster, October 1st 2014

Henry Hope-Frost hosts a Credit Suisse Drivers' Forum with Derek Bell, Sir...

Podcast with Derek Bell

by Ed Foster, September 22nd 2014

Last week the podcast team paid a visit to Pagham on the south coast to see...

Podcast with Pat Symonds

by Ed Foster, August 5th 2014

Pat Symonds – Williams' chief technical officer – stopped by for a podcast last...

Formula Student podcast

by Ed Foster, June 30th 2014

On June 24 Ed Foster hosted an evening of discussion at the Institution of...

Podcast with Perry McCarthy

by Ed Foster, June 12th 2014

Anyone who's read Perry McCarthy's book Flat Out, Flat Broke will know that he'...

Credit Suisse Monaco Forum

by Ed Foster, May 12th 2014

Henry Hope-Frost hosts the Credit Suisse Drivers' Forum over the Grand Prix...

Podcast with Wallace and Weaver

by Ed Foster, May 2nd 2014

You never quite know where the conversation will go with these podcasts, but it...

Podcast with Emanuele Pirro

by Ed Foster, March 31st 2014

An hour with Emanuele Pirro was always going to be lively and the five-time Le...

2014 F1 season preview podcast

by Ed Foster, March 5th 2014

Once the dust had settled on the pre-season Formula 1 tests in Bahrain and...

Podcast with Gordon Murray

by Ed Foster, February 12th 2014

We've been trying to pin Gordon Murray down for almost six months, but we're...

Audio podcast with John McGuinness

by Ed Foster, January 30th 2014

A few hours before the 2014 Motor Sport Magazine Hall of Fame we managed to tie...

Audio podcast with Frank Williams

by Ed Foster, December 18th 2013

The podcast team travelled up to Williams' Grove base for the last recording of...

Allan McNish retires

by Alex Harmer, December 17th 2013

Audi has announced that Allan McNish has retired from top-line sports car...



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