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Wednesday 28th January 2015


F1 History

1000 horsepower

What the last era of 1000 horsepower F1 cars was like, and why the concept’s worth revisiting

Most recent

Simon’s snapshots #8

Singapore Grand Prix, Marina Bay,
September 25-27 2009

The end of the Lotus 72

How Chapman and Philippe’s design still showed flashes of speed even in its dotage

Mechanics’ tales: Alastair Gibson

The ex-BAR and Honda chief mechanic on what life is like when things go wrong in the F1 pitlane

Miles away from Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg

Contrasting the problems of F1 in 1970 with those of the present in the new issue of Motor Sport

Mechanics’ tales: Jo Ramírez

From apprentice mechanic at Ferrari to McLaren team manager

1957: Behra’s great year

The case for Jean Behra being the greatest driver never to win a World Championship Grand Prix

Ashley’s debut at the ‘Ring

1974, in a Token – it was
never going to be easy

Tales from mechanics

Introducing a new series of features on the experiences of former F1 mechanics

Hungary’s racing past

A look back at the Hungarian GPs and some of the country’s drivers including Ferenc Szisz

Locked-out and out of luck

A history of front row lock-outs that didn’t result in a win

Gurney at Brabham

Marking 50 years since the team’s maiden win at Rouen

Purley’s LEC lives

David Purley’s shed-built F1 racer heading to Goodwood

Ӧsterreich remnants

Chasing ghosts at one of motor racing’s great venues

Favourite first-timer

Jean Alesi’s popular win in the
1995 Canadian Grand Prix

Simon’s snapshots #4

Race of Champions,
Brands Hatch, April 15 1979

Dealing with it

Michael Schumacher’s unlikely seventh win in Canada

Neubauer’s manic Monaco

You think Niki Lauda has a tough job? Spare a thought for Alfred Neubauer.

Brabhams at Brands Hatch

David Brabham will lead a parade of Brabhams this weekend at Brands

F1 History photo galleries

Motor Sport on F1 History

“I get disappointed when I hear about modern racing drivers not having any interest in the past,” said Sir Jackie Stewart when he came into the office to edit the December 2011 issue of Motor Sport. “The one thing about history, and the one thing about knowing a bit of it, is that you learn from it”. Not only that, but the sight of Grand Prix machines tackling the old Nürburgring and Spa circuits is enough to get most of us hooked on the sport for good. Motor Sport has always delved into interesting stories from the past and although the magazine looks to the future, it constantly keeps an eye on F1 history.