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Thursday 26th November 2015


F1 History

End-of-season slumps

Lewis Hamilton’s in “exalted company” when it comes to winless streaks to close out a title-winning season

Most recent

Robert De Niro to play Ferrari on the big screen

Enzo Ferrari will be played by Robert De Niro in a new biopic, but how will the rest of his world be portrayed?

Mike Earle podcast

An hour and a half talking about F5000, F3000, F2, F1 and Onyx’s backer Jean-Pierre van Rossem. Not to be missed…

Ferrari vs Mercedes in the ’50s

Ferrari did its best to thwart Fangio and co in 1954-55

Small grids through history

Australia wasn’t the first Grand Prix with a less-than-stellar entry

F1 stand-ins

Will Kevin Magnussen be a Lewis-Evans or a Badoer when he subs at McLaren in Melbourne?

Gérard Ducarouge, 1941-2015

Find out more about one of F1′s foremost designers through the ’70s and ’80s

Graham Hill

Forty years have passed since Graham Hill was taken from us. Fearnley looks back with the help of JYS and Hill’s wife Bette.

1000 horsepower

What the last era of 1000 horsepower F1 cars was like, and why the concept’s worth revisiting

Penske’s F1 cars

From Penske’s first foray as an F1 constructor to its first win in 1976

Jarier’s 1975

Two poles to start the year for Shadow promised much but delivered little

Jean-Pierre Beltoise, 1937-2015

Remembering the 1972 Monaco Grand Prix winner

Mechanics’ tales: Bob Dance

The long-time Team Lotus mechanic recalls his time with Mario Andretti

Jackie Stewart: F1′s original young gun

Max Verstappen may be young, but JYS proved in the early ’60s that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough

Comparing eras at Mercedes

Fangio vs Moss and
Hamilton vs Rosberg

Customer cars

Arguing that customer cars and three-car teams are in fact part of the very fabric of Formula 1 history

New beginnings in Brazil

How triumph turned to dust for two British drivers on the rise in the 1984 Brazilian GP

The first Haas F1 team

The short history of an F1 superteam that never
really got off the ground

It’s not easy out there

Celebrating the history of
Formula 1′s ‘failures’

F1 History photo galleries

Motor Sport on F1 History

“I get disappointed when I hear about modern racing drivers not having any interest in the past,” said Sir Jackie Stewart when he came into the office to edit the December 2011 issue of Motor Sport. “The one thing about history, and the one thing about knowing a bit of it, is that you learn from it”. Not only that, but the sight of Grand Prix machines tackling the old Nürburgring and Spa circuits is enough to get most of us hooked on the sport for good. Motor Sport has always delved into interesting stories from the past and although the magazine looks to the future, it constantly keeps an eye on F1 history.