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Saturday 20th December 2014


F1 History

Mechanics’ tales: Bob Dance

The long-time Team Lotus mechanic recalls his time with Mario Andretti

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GP drivers in the Monte Carlo Rally

Paul Fearnley looks back on the history of GP drivers on the Monte, from Wimille to Kubica

Alex Harmer’s highlight of 2013

Working at Motor Sport certainly has its perks. In April I visited a BMW Classic workshop near Munich to see …

Brooks: one of the greatest talents

In celebration of the upcoming Motor Sport Hall of Fame, we look back on the careers of our founding members …

Gordon Cruickshank’s highlight of 2013

Like all the best awards ceremonies I’ll air my runner-up highlight first: fighting off the BBC to get time with …

Moss: in a category reserved for icons

From the archive: why Sir Stirling Moss is one of the all-time greats

The farce of the 1999 title decider

Nigel Roebuck looks back at the 1999 title decider and wonders whether it’s perhaps a little easier to have double points…

The cars Karun would love to drive

Ex-Formula 1 driver Karun Chandhok takes us through the cars he’d love to drive – a list which includes the Porsche 956 and the Penske PC-23

Chapman’s final years

Paul Fearnley looks back at Colin Chapman’s later years, his potential innovations and frustrations

Fangio: the morning I met the Maestro

From the archive: Nigel Roebuck remembers a seminal moment from his career, his first interview with Juan Manuel Fangio

Bruce McLaren’s first win at Sebring

Paul Fearnley looks back on Bruce McLaren’s maiden GP win in the USA and a record that would last for 44 years

Ken Gregory and Stirling Moss

In honour of the late Ken Gregory we go back to the October, 2009 issue of the magazine for an interview with Moss’ manager

F1′s number conundrum

With Formula 1 pondering whether to have permanent race numbers Paul Fearnley looks back at which ones mean the most

Enzo Ferrari: the mantle of mystique

From the archive: Denis Jenkinson pays tribute to Enzo Ferrari following his death in 1988

Dan Gurney with Porsche

Gordon Kirby speaks to Dan Gurney about his time with Porsche during its short-lived but successful foray into F1

I was there when… 2008 Brazilian GP

Simon Arron looks back on the title-deciding last race of 2008, Hamilton’s triumph and disappointment for Massa

Carlos Pace, São Paulo’s hero

Paul Fearnley looks at the life and career of Brazilian F1 driver Carlos Pace, whose name now graces his home circuit

Roebuck’s legends: Dallas 1984

Roebuck from the archives: Nigel looks back on the one-off Dallas Grand Prix and how a travesty became a triumph

Formula 1′s travels through the USA

Paul Fearnley looks back at the street circuits that hosted Formula 1′s former US Grands Prix

F1 History photo galleries

Motor Sport on F1 History

“I get disappointed when I hear about modern racing drivers not having any interest in the past,” said Sir Jackie Stewart when he came into the office to edit the December 2011 issue of Motor Sport. “The one thing about history, and the one thing about knowing a bit of it, is that you learn from it”. Not only that, but the sight of Grand Prix machines tackling the old Nürburgring and Spa circuits is enough to get most of us hooked on the sport for good. Motor Sport has always delved into interesting stories from the past and although the magazine looks to the future, it constantly keeps an eye on F1 history.