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Page 50 of July 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, July 1983

Formula One scene

Reflections on a Grand Prix It doesn't seem like 13 years since I stood in the pits of the Circuit Nationale de Spa-Francorchamps listening to Ken Tyrrell lecturing me about the dangers of the circuit and how he and Jackie Stewart were going to get rid of it from the Formula One scene. I was not very impressed and could not appreciate the dangers they spoke of, for I had only raced motorcycles...

Page 84 of November 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, November 1976

The Tourist Trophy

Leyland's shy Jaguar leaps out to make a promising debut Silverstone, September 19th That the BRDC and Silverstone were honoured with the first public racing appearance of the Leyland Cars Jaguar was almost inevitable. The Broadspeed-Prepared XJ 5.3C was first presented (prematurely) at the Northamptonshire track in March this year, and had subsequently spent the long hot summer slogging round...

Page 9 of June 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, June 1989

March schism

As rumoured at the turn of the year (Motor Sport, February 1989), the loss-making March Group has rationalised by selling off its Formula One team and Formula 3000 manufacturing division to Leyton House chairman Akira Akagi. Akagi's new Emblem BV company has paid more than £6-million for the two operations plus their 0.4-scale wind-tunnel, but the Japanese businessman has in turn sold his 20%...

Page 59 of December 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, December 1973

motor sport

The newTriumph Dolomite Sprint is luxurious, quiet and utterly civilised. It's also the fastest four-door saloon under £2250. Back in June, we announced the Dolomite Sprint as a truly new concept in British motoring. We thought the car good enough not to need any launch gimmicks Or razmataz. And judging from the response, we were right. But instead of us telling you why, let some of Britain's...

Page 44 of September 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, September 1975

The Total Rally

Rally ReviewClark wins in South Africa Some Europeans seem to have fixed but not entirely accurate conceptions of African rallies; they are either flat-out blinds over open bush or winding escarpments, or long, interminable endurance runs through rock-strewn deserts. This isn't the case at all, for down in South Africa they have rallies which are very similar in style to British special stage...

Page 37 of July 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, July 1981

Matters of Moment

The Farnham Fuss There has been a fine fuss going on in Farnham, Surrey, because the Urban District Council has resolutely refused to name its new Sports Centre after the late Mike Hawthorn, in honour of the great British racing driver who was brought up in the town and lived there at the height of his fame. This in spite of 7,576 people, mostly local ratepayers, having signed a petition in...

Page 35 of March 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, March 1964

A History of the Lancia

By K. Foeman Behind most technically advanced cars, there is usually one man who nurtures the design from an idea germinating in his mind, through the difficult days after the model is first launched on the market, to its ultimate commercial success. Although to every designer his assistants are indispensable, with certain notable exceptions, great cars are not the work of design teams, but the...

Page 61 of October 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, October 2003

Not just deserts

From supersprints to sand dunes, Jean-Louis Schlesser's career is peppered with major titles in a diverse range of disciplines. Yet still his successes can seem forgotten. By John Davenport Famous men are not always remembered for what they might consider important. Our late Lord Chancellor is recalled for his choice of wallpaper rather than his reorganisation of the judiciary, and George...

Page 47 of April 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, April 2004

Ferrari: 50 years of boom and slump

It is the most charismatic name in Formula One, but not simply because of its successes. Ferrari's flaws and failures over the team's first half century played a big part in creating the legend 1950s Unsteady as she grows Enzo Ferrari faced personal loss and huge pressure as his new company grew: by Paul Fearnley His office overlooked the factory gates that way he could keep an eye on his...

Page 9 of November 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, November 1988

FISA's new World Sportscar formula

A 3.5-litre class is to be introduced to the World Sports-Prototype Championship for 1989, in preparation for 1991 when the series will become the exclusive preserve of these two-seater Formula One cars. By announcing the new formula at its General Assembly in Paris on October 10-12, FISA has rejected pleas for stability from Jaguar, whose boss Sir John Egan has already announced his disinterest...



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