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Page 22 of March 1930 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, March 1930


CLU NEWS THE NEW CYCLECAR CLUB. AT the Annual General Meeting of The New Cyclecar Club, due to bz. held at the R.A.C. London, on February 10th, a proposition making it a condition of membership that every candidate duly approved by the Council shall sign the "safe driving" declaration of the Road Fellowship League, will be considered. At the same meeting members will be asked to approve of a new...

Page 72 of December 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, December 1996

On The Austin Twenty Front

Most people regarded the Austin Twenty, the first car to emerge from the gigantic factory at Northfields, Birmingham after the 1914/18 war, as a sound medium-sized quality car, but one without any sporting potential. Until, that is, a letter from Mr Felix Scriven appeared in MOTOR SPORT for March 1928 to remind them of what they had overlooked unless they were devotees of racing at Brooklands....

Page 25 of February 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, February 1970

Vintage Postbag

"The Old Man" Sir, In 1933 there were a couple of World War I aero-engines in an alcove under the engine test bay at the North Works. Longbridge, of the then Austin Motor Company. My recollection is that they were six-cylinder engines with separate cylinders and push-rod-operated valves. Perhaps they are still there. I can't say that I ever heard one refer to Pa Austin as "The old man" . We...

Page 35 of January 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, January 1958


More Power for Austin-Healey The Austin Motor Company announces that a new cylinder head, developed from experience gained in the record-breaking runs at Utah, is now available for the Austin-Healey100-Six. This six-port head is used in conjunction with a separate light-alloy inlet manifold carrying twin 1¾-in. S.U. HD6 35-deg. semi-downdraught carburetters, larger inlet and exhaust valves, the...

Page 5 of July 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, July 1945


THE RACING CAR ENGINES OF 1935-1940 THERE ARE, I think, few more interesting subjects to the motoring enthusiast than the progress of racingcar design through the years, and to my mind the series of articles on "Racing Car Evolution " which appeared in MOTOR SPORT some two years ago are amongst the most interesting that have ever appeared. Of these Laurence Pomeroy's three particularly stand out...

Page 38 of November 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, November 1973

Book Reviews

For the moment the flood of hooks about cars has slowed down but no doubt the tide will flow again around Christmas. For the present we have only "Passenger Vehicles-1893-1940" in the Olyslager Auto Library series, the joint work, as it were, of Denis N. Miller and Bart H. Vanderveen, the latter being the Editor. This landscape book with some 150 illustrations, many of them new, is best regarded...

Page 24 of August 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, August 1947

Letters from Readers

Sir, "Baladeur" in his June "Sideslips," suggests that the 1902 Round-the-World Panhard "Passe-Partout" may still be mouldering in the snows of Nijni Novgorod. May I point out that, according to H. O. Duncan's "The World on Wheels", this Panhard was found frozen in three feet of snow at Clerio by Chas. Friswell, who had it hauled out by peasants and horses and railed home to England, where he put...

Page 141 of August 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 141, August 2010

Kaye Petre: racer and writer

Lady racing drivers became a fairly notable aspect of Brooklands during the post-war years. One of the more prominent was Mrs Kaye Petre, who first appeared in the 1930s driving a Daytona Wolseley Hornet Special, bought for her by her husband. Her racing successes came in her first two events in 1932, the first being the Novices Handicap in which she came third with a best lap of 75.80mph, behind G...

Page 30 of September 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, September 2013

Austin-Healey Sprite

An original road test taken from the Motor Sport archives, September 1958 | by Bill Boddy After neglecting the small sports car market for many years the Austin Motor Company introduced the Austin-Healey Sprite two-seater last June. We have already described this interesting newcomer, but the proof is in the driving and we welcomed a recent opportunity to drive a Sprite over an appreciable...

Page 72 of August 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, August 1990

Forgotten Makes No.93: The 'pedals to push' Adams

We have long become used to most car manufacturers offering an automatic transmission option and it is no longer considered a stigma for experienced drivers to buy such cars; even enthusiasts now seldom see much against mechanical gear-shifting, perhaps remembering that many years ago top racing drivers were seen driving cars with this type of gearbox. To the less keen or unskilled car...



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