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Page 41 of October 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, October 1972

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters The VSCC at Madresfield (Sept. 3rd) What a pleasant event the annual driving test meeting at Madresfield is! Competitors and spectators park on the wide grass verges flanking the long drive leading to Lord Beauchamp's house and during the afternoon leisurely manoeuvres take place which try to a mild extent the prowess of machinery and drivers. It is a pity...

Page 40 of December 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1970

Petrol cans

Sir, With reference to Mr. Wright's (of Oxford) letter in Motor Sport re "PRATT'S" petrol cans. I am no great authority on the subject, but had family connections with the Anglo-American Oil Co. Ltd.—as it was then. Some of this is from memory, but here goes. The cans were always green for No. 1 Grade. Aviation Spirit was in a gold-painted can, but later this was changed to just a gold top....

Page 33 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, January 1979

Life at Thomson & Taylor's - 1927 to1939

Mr. R. H. Beauchamp, AMIME, continues his account of life at T & T's of Brooklands under the great Reid Railton In the December issue of Motor Sport, R. H. Beauchamp concluded his article with a description of John Cobb's Railton Land Speed Record Car of 1938 and his journey to Bonneville Salt Flats prior to Cobb's successful record attempt. In the accompanying article Mr. Beauchamp takes up...

Page 84 of May 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, May 2007

Lunch with... Martin Brundle

The racer turned commentator and driver manager looks back on an eventful and turbulent career with Simon TaylorPhotographer: James Mitchell He raced in 158 grands prix over 12 seasons, and his rides included McLaren, Benetton and Williams. He scored points from his first F1 race to his last, and stood on the podium nine times, from Monaco to Monza, Spa to Silverstone. And he was World Sports Car...

Page 105 of October 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 105, October 1982

TUNING TEST VW-Brabham's Lighter Formula 3

TUNING TEST VW-Brabham's Lighter Formula 3 JOHN JUDD, business associate of Sir Jack Brabham since 1966 and whose Rugby-based Cosworth DFV Formula I engine building activities were the subject of a MOTOR SPORT profile in 1978, enjoyed August 1982 heartily. On the 15th of that month Brands Hatch witnessed an extraordinary reversal in the fortunes of the Formula 3-dominant Toyota d.o.h.c. engine....

Page 68 of December 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, December 2013

Love him, hate him... Nelson Piquet didn't give a damn

And he still doesn’t. Notorious Nelson Piquet stoked both anger and admiration on his way to three F1 titles. Images linger of a crass troublemaker – but lest we forget, he was defiantly talented, too Let’s admit it from the start. I like and admire Nelson Piquet. It can be a trying experience, though, to be unmasked as a Piquet supporter, so let’s remind ourselves of his extraordinary talent....

Page 4 of January 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, January 1988

Happy New Year

With tales of death and destruction increasing rather than diminishing, and Britain experiencing her share of tragedy recently, but hopefully with a reduction in the world's nuclear weapons approaching, we can only hope that, from the angle of cars and motoring sport, 1988 will be at least as enjoyable as 1987 has been. Formula One should be as enthralling as it has been for many years, most...

Page 48 of April 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, April 1972

Cars in Books

Quite a miscellany of references to cars this time, in recently-read non-motoring books, even to a piece on the Brands Hatch Racing Drivers' School in "The Second 'Field' Bedside Book" (Collins, 1969). And an interesting aside in "Small Boat on the Thames" by Roger Pilkinton (Macmillan, 1966) about how the road past Bray Lock was freed from its one-time 8d. toll by the action of a motorist who in...

Page 61 of March 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, March 2005

Bolton performance

Chevron -- the 'Lotus of the North' -- is 40 this year. Paul Fearnley and Damien Smith sample four of its most important cars and tell the story of Derek Bennett, the genius behind them, photography by James Mann Haslam's Mill, Chorley Old Road, Bolton. As addresses go, it's hardly racy. Which suited Derek Bennett down to the ground. When a Lotus won, Colin Chapman would leap into the middle of...

Page 23 of February 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, February 1971

V-E-V odds and ends

We remarked some time ago that the variety of unusual and sometimes exciting cars to he seen travelling from Lyndhurst towards Beaulieu must rival those that, in a past age, used the roads leading to Brooklands Track. Sure enough, driving down to the MMM in the latest Triumph GT6 for the unveiling by Lord Montagu of the Foundation Stone of his new £1 million Museum Complex, there on that winter...



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