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Page 60 of April 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, April 1980

Book reviews

"The Complete Book of Electric Vehicles" by Sheldon R. Shacket. 168 pp. 11" x 8" (Davidson Publishing Limited, 109 Southampton Row, London WC18 4HH. £3.95).  In an age when we are continually being told that liquid motor-fuels may run out in the near future, a panic which seems to have been raising its alarming head at least 80 years ago, there is bound to be growing interest in alternative fuels...

Page 68 of October 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, October 1990

Lucky Seven

It has been said that truth is stranger than fiction. Here is a racing mechanical disaster which endorses this. We have heard of drivers coasting to the finish of a race because their car has suffered a breakdown or has run out of fuel, even of them pushing a stricken car over the line. But these episodes have nothing on what occurred to E C Gordon England's Austin 7 when it won the 1924 JCC 200...

Page 51 of August 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, August 1980

Book reviews

"The AA — A History of the Automobile Association, 1905-1980" by Hugh Barty-King. 319 pp, 101/2",111/2". (The Automobile Association, Fanum House, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 2EA, £14.95). To commemorate its 75th year, the AA has commissioned this beautifully-produced book by a, to me, unknown author, who tells the complete history of the Automobile Association in considerable detail. The...

Page 60 of April 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, April 1995

Cast of Characters

It's like being back in the Sixties! "We’re at Silverstone during the Coys Historic Festival. The speaker is a tall, burly, silver-haired man, who alternates between inspecting cars and greeting old racing friends: Cliff Allison, Tim Parnell, Bruce Halford, for he too is a Formula One driver of those days. The results tables don't proclaim Ian Burgess as one of the greats, but there was a time...

Page 40 of December 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, December 1972

Around and about

Comment on the Racing and Club Scene Astonishing Russian If I had suggested a year ago that a Russian car was going to win two British racing championships I would have been considered, at the very least, something of an optimist. When the Group 1 regulations were announced few would have foreseen that there was any hope of the Moskvich 412 being remotely competitive. Apart, that is, from Satra...

Page 41 of May 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, May 1970


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters VSCC SILVERSTONE RACE MEETING (April 11) ALTHOUGH practice was delayed by fog, rating at this first VSCC Silverstone Meeting of 1970 took place in thin sunshine. Neil Corner was the star driver, winning two races without opposition, in his GP Aston Martin and the famous 4-litre V12 supercharged Sunbeam "Tiger", while another of his cars, the ex-Crowther/Vessey...

Page 78 of October 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, October 2009

Lunch with...Julian Bailey

He’d have liked ‘sensible’ Damon Hill’s Formula 1 career, but Julian reckons he wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun along the way… By Simon Taylor It’s a common complaint that today’s professional racing driver is too squeaky-clean, too focused on his career to have any fun out of the cockpit. His own personality must be subdued by the requirements of PR and brand image, and what little free...

Page 64 of June 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, June 1968

Rally Review

Not so very long ago, about three years in fact, the most important events in the competition programmes of factory teams, both in Britain and on the Continent, were those which were qualifiers in the European Rally Championship. Their schedules were geared to the Championship series and any event which was not a qualifier was only tackled if time and budget would allow. But then the F.I.A....

Page 36 of January 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, January 1974

The diesel background

The Editor looks at some of the Early Developments of a Type of Engine which may soon find a New Lease of Life in the Private-Car Field. THE panic is on over the oil-situation, and no mistake! Even when the RAC Rally had but a few hours to run, my friend Robin Richards, who was reporting it for the BBC and whose news-flashes from the circuit have often kept me in touch with events I have not...

Page 77 of March 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, March 1982

Fun with a Fiesta XR-2

The sporting new Ford Fiesta XR-2 was described in the January issue. To say that it is a fine little fun-package should be obvious, with a 1.6-litre engine in the compact 12' 2"-long baby Fool. Fun indeed it is, As I left the Standard House car-park in a smart all-black XR-2, a paint finish that costs £76.86 extra over the basic price of £5,500, it occurred to me that I was in something of the...



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