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Page 30 of July 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, July 1999

Brands Hatch vs Silverstone - where should the Grand Prix go?

The battle for Britain's round of the Formula One World Championship intensifies by the week. Marcus Simmons steps back from the hype to find out which track stakes a better claim. "The only thing that would make Brands Hatch compatible with the Grand Prix cars of today would be to put the coordinates for NATO aircraft right in the centre of it, bomb it and start all over again." Derek Warwick is...

Page 13 of August 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, August 1964

Reflections on Brands Hatch

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Brands Hatch on July 11th, but it was more in keeping with a Bank Holiday meeting than a serious Grande Epreuve, and as for being the Grand Prix of Europe, it seemed even less likely. It appears I was not alone in holding these views, for a number of people have since said that during the Grand Prix they had to keep pinching themselves and...

Page 8 of August 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, August 2003

Eyre gives new Brands Hatch layout a good airing

HSCC: Brands Hatch Superprix A brace of well-supported Orwell International Supersports races were the highlight of the 14th running of HSCC Historic Superprix at Brands Hatch. This was the first car meeting on the Grand Prix circuit since the Dingle Dell chicane was erased in favour of the new Sheene Curve. Richard Eyre won both Supersports races in his mighty 900bhp McLaren M8F and also...

Page 32 of May 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, May 1977

Around and about

New home for the VCC The Veteran Car Club has moved into splendid, period headquarters in Ashwell, Hertfordshire. Jessamine House, 15 High Street, Ashwell (Ashwell 2818), is an imposing red-brick house, parts of which date from the 17th century, a traditional setting for the vehicle owned by the members of this prestigious club. These much improved Club facilities were acquired at a cost of £24,...

Page 32 of November 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, November 1949

Club News

We Hear Arising out of the article on the G.N. published in Motor Sport last August, O. A. K. Wilson sends two interesting snapshots, one of a 1921 touring G.N., the other of an. A.V. monocar. Julian Boyson, 42, Oakhill Road, Sutton, Surrey, has acquired a low-chassis 4 1/2-litre Invicta, engine No. 7481, chassis No. S 86, registered No. GT 48, the engine possessing a modified light-alloy sump...

Page 68 of December 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, December 2005

The Heat they wouldn't Hire

Russell Brookes was a talent ripe for the top level of international rallying, so why was he overlooked? He talks to John Davenport Not too many British rally drivers can claim that their name qualifies under the definition of 'household', but Russell Brookes is certainly one of them. But although he was celebrated in his home country, his international career never took off as it should have...

Page 56 of September 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, September 1972

The last of the open two-seaters?

We drive the new Jensen-Healey What is the fate of the open two-seater sports car ? British Leyland, purveyors of such machines to countless Sprite, Spitfire and MG-B owners, seem little interested in introducing any new models, the latest American regulations regarding roll-over strength, which will come into effect well before the end of the decade, give little hope, while GT manufacturers,...

Page 22 of April 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, April 1968

Race of Champions

A Strange Race Brands Hatch, March 17th. There was a time when the B.A.R.C. led the way in British motor-racing and opened the European Formula One season with a race at Goodwood, but of recent years the B.R.S.C.C. has taken over this lead and Brands Hatch has become the scene for the first Formula One race. Sponsored by the Daily Mail the race carries the title of "Race of Champions" but being...

Page 22 of February 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, February 1951

club News

Club News WE HEAR I,a,t December the first of the visits by 11.11.M. Association branch officials took place to Bourne and Folk ingltrun, for the purpose of seeing the BALM. works and the B.R.M. ears. In spite of ice-bound reads over 25 attended, from as far afield as Berwiek and Cardiff: The Dunlop Rubber Company has given the M.I.R.A. £5,000 towards the cost of its proposed new high-speed test...

Page 40 of June 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, June 1992

Didier's strong quartet

If you wish to observe clearly the dissimilarity between two things which are quite different, the best way is to place them side by side so that their differences become more pronounced. Show a peach to an Eskimo and then show him an apple and he may think they are the same fruit, but show them to him together and he will realise that they are not. The contrasting inherent characters of rallies...



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