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Page 74 of November 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, November 1975

The Lotus Espirit and Eclat

The Lotus Esprit and Eclat Hethel secures its future with a spectacular new mid-engined sports car and a sportier Elite derivative THOSE OF US with any concern for the declining British specialised car industry have been worried about the future of Lotus Cars since the company placed 100% reliance in the expensive Elite earlier this year. Not surprisingly in these fraught times registrations of...

Page 92 of July 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, July 1990

Grand Prix Reflections — from The 2 1/2-litre Formula Era, 1954-1960.

by Anthony Pritchard. 224 pp. 9 3/4" x 7 1/2". Patrick Stephens Ltd. Denington Estate, Wellingborough, Northants, NN8 2RQ. £20.00. Here is another history book, by an author better known in this country, and covering a specific period, as the subtitle indicates. The pictures are in abundance, many of them published for the first time we are assured, and all very well produced. This period of...

Page 42 of June 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, June 2003

The Pug that flew

As Group C climaxed with its 3.5-litre regulations in the early Nineties, Peugeot developed a prototype so extreme, yet so reliable, that it could race for 24 hours at Formula One speeds. Gary Watkins tells the story of the fastest-ever sportscar Take out of the equation those pedal-to-metal laps around the old eight-mile Spa-Francorchamps or the pre-Hella Licht-S Osterreichring, and a Porsche...

Page 58 of October 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, October 1973

On Motor Cycles

Over the past twelve to eighteen months a great number of people have discovered the motorcycle and it has become quite the "in" thing, as long as the sun is shining. Almost every motoring magazine has featured motorcycles in some form or other in recent months, some of them light-heartedly, others quite seriously, and it would appear that the motorcycle has now become "respectable". Very old...

Page 28 of July 1972 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, July 1972

Le Mans

-A French Victory Le Mans, France, June 10th/11th The 1972 Le Mans 24-Hour Race, or Grand Prix of Endurance as it is called officially, will not go down in history as one of the more exciting events, but it will have its place, for it saw the first victory by a French car since 1950, when Louis Rosier and his son won with a Lago-Talbot. This year it was the French Matra team who won, success...

Page 69 of May 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 69, May 1961

International Lombank Trophy Meeting Snetterton, March 25th

THIS was the first meeting of the season which featured a race for the new 1 1/2-litre Formula 1, and a direct comparison with last year's 2 1/2-litre cars was possible as the Inter-Continental and Formula 2 cars were lumped together in one race; the 100-Mile Lombank Trophy. Team Lotus entered one 2 1/2-litre car for Ireland and a 1 1/2 for Jim Clark, Yeoman Credit entered two 1 1/2-litre Coopers...

Page 9 of October 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, October 1951

Stirling Moss Wins the TT for Jaguar at Record Speed

Type C Jaguars 1, 2, 4. Gerard's Frazer-Nash 3rd. Tony Rolt (Jaguar) Sets Lap Record at 86.4 m.p.h. At Dundrod on September 15th, the Type C Jaguars consolidated the great victory at Le Mans in June. Stirling Moss won the R.A.C. T.T. outright and on handicap in one of these fine cars, at a non-stop average speed of 83.55 m.p.h. Peter Walker followed him home, second at 82.57 m.p.h., and after...

Page 8 of July 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 8, July 1950

Grosser Preis der Schweiz

By our Special Correspondent On paper, and for that matter in practice, the Swiss G.P. for Formula 1 cars, held on the Bremgarten Circuit on June 4th, promised to be a first-class affair, but it turned out to be another demonstration of how to go motor-racing in the grand manner, by the Alfa-Romeo team. After the finish of the three practice periods it looked as though Alfa-Romeos, although...

Page 82 of May 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, May 2013

Flat race

Today, Formula 1 teams expect two years' warning of technical rule changes. Thirty years ago, they got four months. Cue panic - then a prime example of pure inspirationwriter Paul Fearnley All stop! The bombshell that sucked the air from beneath their skirts detonated on Thursday November 3: from two tonnes of ground-effect grip to 'two tonnes of flat-bottomed fun'. Yet the governing body's only...

Page 24 of October 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, October 1966

Continental notes

JUST outside the royal park in which the Monza track is situated is a residential area of large Victorian-type mansions, and one of these was taken over some years ago by Signor Dei for his Scuderia Centro-Sud racing school and club. It is also used by numerous organisations for social functions, and the gardens on a hot summer evening are an ideal setting for an informal cocktail party. During...



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