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Page 94 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 94, March 2014

A six-pack to make your head spin

Tiny V6? That isn’t the half of it. Six connected elements will contribute to the biggest F1 power shake-up in years. And don’t get us started on the aero…Writer Adam Cooper This season represents a brave new world for the F1 World Championship and at this stage, with the 2014 cars finally emerging and taking to the track for the first time, it’s impossible to predict what the overall impact on...

Page 88 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 88, March 2014

Figures of 8

After eight seasons, 2.4-litre V8 F1 ended as it began, with a Renault-engined car taking the title. Renault Sport linchpins Rob White and Rémi Taffin discuss the passing of an eraWriter Simon Arron The sonic cocktail is almost 37 years old, but remains distinct. When first I attended a Grand Prix, at Silverstone in 1977, a significant proportion of the field could be identified by ear alone....

Page 62 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 62, March 2014

Precious mettle

Rich in competition pedigree, even though it never raced, the Mercedes Uhlenhaut coupé has become one of the most fabled cars of all time. We were offered a stint at its helm – a rare but welcome privilegeWriter Andrew FrankelPhotographer James Lipman Sometimes a racing car can be so special it needs only to exist to ensure its place in history. With an impeccable provenance and pedigree and...

Page 20 of March 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, March 2014

Ferrari ‘will do’ Le Mans

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has revealed that the Italian manufacturer will return to the Le Mans 24 Hours in pursuit of outright victory “sooner or later”. Di Montezemolo further lifted the lid on Ferrari’s sports car aspirations in his Christmas address to the factory, comments that came in the wake of the admission by Ferrari non-Formula 1 sporting boss Antonello Coletta that there...

Page 78 of May 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, May 1961

Jaguar E-Type v. Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Sir, I have been a regular reader of your excellent journal for ten years and would appreciate very much your publication of the following in the readers' letters. The new Jaguar E-type is remarkable value for money, and, as you say, at nearly one-third of its competitors' prices it cannot fail to be a best seller in the G.T. class. However, very creditable though it may be, one must bear in mind...

Page 12 of September 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, September 1961

Continental Notes

THIS season Grand Prix races have been so full of interest and excitement that reports have tended to over-run the Editorial limits and in consequence Continental Notes has had to be omitted. It has been purely this limitation on space that has curtailed these notes, and not a limitation on activities, for the faithful Porsche, even after well over 150,000 miles, continues to be flogged around...

Page 10 of August 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, August 1958

1958 British Grand Prix race report - British supremacy shattered

  After the defeat by Ferrari at Reims it seemed almost certain that Vanwall would regain their pride of place at Silverstone, their own home ground and a medium-fast circuit on which the Ferrari handling characteristics would not appear ideal. Added to this was the fact that Silverstone is not a circuit where high power and maximum speed are so important, as at Spa or Reims, while if Vanwall...

Page 38 of October 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, October 1953

The Nurburgring 1,000 Kilometres Race

The Nurburgring 1,000 Kilometres Race ADENAU, August 30th. TO bring themselves in line with Italy and France in holding classic sports-car events the Germans organised a race over 44 laps of the 22-kilometre Nurburgring, the intention being to provide a gruelling race that would stand alongside the Mille Miglia and Le Mans. To anyone familiar with the Nurburgring there was no doubt at all that 1,...

Page 15 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, June 1967

51st Targa Florio

Porsche win again Cefalu, May 14th. That Porsche won the annual dice round the Sicilian mountains was no surprise for they invaded the island in force, determined not only to win the 2-litre Prototype class but also the overall classification. For this purpose they had three new cars with the 910 type of space frame chassis and fibreglass bodywork, fitted with 2.2-litre versions of the...

Page 14 of August 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, August 2011

Profit swell makes racing hot property

Profit swell makes racing hot proper Since April rumours have been circulating that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation media empire and Exor, an investment fund which ultimately owns a stake in Ferrari, would make a bid for Formula 1. As Motor Sport went to press a bid still hadn't been made and experts have cited numerous hurdles that it would face. They include opposition from the teams, due to...



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