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Page 24 of September 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, September 1965

The Ford GT 40

When Eric Broadley produced his Lola coupé at the Racing Car Show at the beginning of 1963 there was no inkling then of what it was going to lead to. It is now a matter of history that the Ford Motor Company, having failed to buy the Ferrari firm "lock, stock and vee 12-cylinder barrels," shopped around for another likely basis on which to start building up a GT Prototype racing programme with...

Page 66 of July 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, July 1967

A.D.A.C. 1,000 kilometres

Sweeping victory for Porsche Nurburgring, Germany, May 28th What the entry list for the annual 1,000-kilometre race on the Nurburgring lacked in quality it made up for in quantity. As it was held only two weeks before Le Mans the Ferrari team did not enter any 330P4 cars, nor did any of the agents enter their 330P3/4 cars. Ferrari sent a token entry in the form of a Dino with 2.4-litre V6 engine...

Page 22 of April 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, April 1966

Competition Notes and News

News from the F.I.A. Since the provisional classification of cars for International events was published last Autumn some detail changes were made before this Appendix "J" came into force for 1966. The most important being in Category C—racing cars, where groups 7, 8 and 9 have been reshuffled. For those who like to know in detail what is going on I append a complete list of the F.I.A....

Page 52 of September 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 52, September 1967

Rally review

The 1967 series of European rallies is at present in a period of relaxation for although the number of events that are being held each month is not decreasing, between the Acropolis and the Alpine comes the red period with most of the rallies taking place behind the Iron Curtain. Excellent though these events are, they very rarely attract a full complement of works entries which probably explains...

Page 33 of January 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, January 1989

Under scrutiny

Andy Rouse Engineering Powerhouse From the moment you walk into the new premises in Solihull and see the 24 trophies neatly lined up on a shelf in the reception room, you appreciate just how successful Andy Rouse Engineering is, despite only having been formed in 1981. It occupies a small site covering just 700 sq ft with a staff of just 18, yet it is a veritable powerhouse. Like many racing...

Page 25 of February 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, February 1971

Continental Notes

Very promptly the FIA Year Book of Automobile Sport has been published (35s. from PSL, 9 Ely Place, London, E.C.1) and is bigger and better than ever, answering all those questions that everyone asks about the 1971 season and rules and regulations. Unlike the picture albums that tell you what happened last year, the FIA book tells you what can and will happen this year. Depicted are the 29...

Page 55 of November 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, November 1964

Rally review

To be truthful, there is nothing else quite like it in the whole wide world except perhaps its two-wheeled forerunner. The event is, of course, the Tour de France Automobile or, more simply, the Tour Auto, which although it is classified this year by the F.I.A. as a race meeting is still closer to a rally than, say, the 24-hour race at Le Mans, which is why it is being considered in this column....

Page 21 of August 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, August 1971

1971 British Grand Prix race report - Stewart and Tyrrell again

  Although the British Grand Prix does not have a long and venerable history, like the French Grand Prix, it does have the distinction of being held continuously since 1948, mostly at the Silverstone airfield circuit; with occasional digressions to Aintree and Brands Hatch. There were some British Grand Prix races held at Brooklands in the twenties, but they died along with any influence we had...

Page 48 of June 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, June 1967

The 1,000 kilometres of Monza

Fast and furious Monza, Italy, April 25th. This year the 1,000-kilometre race, run on the combined road and banked track circuit at Monza, took place in glorious weather, unlike last year when it rained all day. It looked as though it was going to be a simple question of the Ferrari team drivers tossing a coin to see who was going to win, as the Ford team did not enter, but at the last moment...

Page 26 of March 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, March 1989

Under scrutiny; Rally Engineering Development

The French connection Jimmy McRae has received a great deal of praise in the last couple of years following success in the British Open Rally Championship in both 1987 and 1988, as has Ford since he claimed the title on both occasions driving a Sierra Cosworth. Talent and a competitive car would not be enough, however, without the third side of the triangle, that of the preparation. To the casual...



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