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Page 30 of December 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, December 1963

The Westinghouse Hobbs Ford Cortina

We have written so many words about the Hobbs Mecha-Matic transmission that readers may suspect we are biased. In this particular instance we are, for this automatic gearbox has been proved to our satisfaction to be the best clutchless transmission we have used. You may reasonably ask "If it's so good why doesn't a manufacturer fit it?" A good question which neither we nor Messrs. Hobbs can fully...

Page 38 of January 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, January 1984

Lancia's Delta HF -a significant debutant

In a particularly busy round of autumn announcements, many of them geared to the Frankfurt Show last September, little attention was given to the Lancia Delta Turbo which will reach the British market in mid-1984. It is an important newcomer nonetheless, bringing the Italian make to the forefront in the high-performance family car market, and the opportunity of driving the car briefly was not to...

Page 25 of February 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, February 1955

The trend of racing-car design

It is probably true to say that the past year has seen more pure design in motor-racing taking place than ever before, and if one counts sports-car racing in with Grand Prix racing, then this is certainly so. With Grand Prix racing being run under a new F.I.A. Formula, planned without recourse to available material, for the first time since 1938, the designers of racing cars have had a completely...

Page 34 of July 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, July 1950

My Two Cars-And Why

by K. N. HUTCHISON ELUSIVE indeed are ideals--particularly ideals connected with motor cars. The main trouble is that we enthusiasts are so fussy, and thus rarely find the ready-made car any use to us. Personally I have been searching for my ideal car for 20 years and I have not found it yet, but I have got fairly close to it, with two very different yet, in character, strangely similar machines...

Page 83 of July 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 83, July 1976

Light the blue touchpaper...

Even if you did not like the appearance of the Stratus, and we found nobody who objected to the basic shape, Berton': would have, to he congratulated on a striking outline. The unstressed glassfibre panels appear reasonably thick and fit well, allowing the forward-hinged bonnet to click back into place, ready for the security turn nuts to complete the operation. The engine cover is freed by one...

Page 59 of December 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 59, December 1973

motor sport

The newTriumph Dolomite Sprint is luxurious, quiet and utterly civilised. It's also the fastest four-door saloon under £2250. Back in June, we announced the Dolomite Sprint as a truly new concept in British motoring. We thought the car good enough not to need any launch gimmicks Or razmataz. And judging from the response, we were right. But instead of us telling you why, let some of Britain's...

Page 35 of March 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, March 1964

A History of the Lancia

By K. Foeman Behind most technically advanced cars, there is usually one man who nurtures the design from an idea germinating in his mind, through the difficult days after the model is first launched on the market, to its ultimate commercial success. Although to every designer his assistants are indispensable, with certain notable exceptions, great cars are not the work of design teams, but the...

Page 46 of February 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, February 1977

What the Fiat, Ferrari and Lancia people are saying in Italy....

Last year, in the months preceding Christmas, I found myself trekking round the upper and middle portions of the Italian "boot" mainly to look at the competition machinery that had brought Italy three World titles in 1975. Ferrari had the F1 titles securely back in Modena, after the marque had faced the barren seasons from the Surtees World Championship in 1964. Alfa Romeo had the World Sports...

Page 22 of May 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1942

A letter from New South Wales

[The following news-letter is from R.A.D. Hood, of the Royal Australian Air Force, and is so well endowed with enthusiasm that we present it as a short article.– Ed.] I have been meaning to write to you for about a year and have only just found the time. I wish to add my congratulations to those of many other readers for keeping Motor Sport going, and I hope that this small contribution may be of...

Page 64 of July 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, July 1963

Book reviews

"Automobile Year: No. 10." 241 pp., 12 5/8 in. x 9 1/2 in. (Edita S.A., Box 1109, Lausanne 1, Switzerland. English Agent : G. T. Foulis & Co. Ltd., 1-5, Portpool Lane, London, E.C.1. 52s. 6d.) This is still the outstanding luxury motoring annual. The 1962/63 edition contains the usual reports of last season's F. 1 cars, by Paul Frère, and a comprehensive review of the 1962 Grands Prix,...



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