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Page 79 of December 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 79, December 1994

The Things They Said...

”We have always understood that it is illegal to transfer a number from one car to another. The only transfer allowable being from one owner to another on payment of a small fee." — From a 1916 issue of The Light Car & Cyclecar. Now the swapping of number plates is big business. . . ”As a method of punishing a chauffeur who took friends for a ride in his employer's car, he was charged with...

Page 48 of April 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, April 1975

Out of the Past

Having a liking for reading back issues of The Aeroplane the Editor was doing just that, shortly after he had bought a house in Wales, and was consequently intrigued to see that in 1936 the Three-Counties Air Race had been based on Hereford Race Course. This was described as "large enough but rather rough", but the only casualty seems to have been to a telephone wire. Run on a Friday so as not to...

Page 48 of November 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, November 1971

Leo Mehl, Goodyear's European racing chief, reflects on four years in Europe

Leo Mehl arrived in England just ever four years ago as the new overall chief of Goodyear's extensive European motor racing operation. Now with ten hectic years of motor racing behind him he has decided to return to America to an executive job in the development section of the parent company, thus leaving the race tracks behind. Before he left last Month, and handed his Wolverhampton office over...

Page 7 of April 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, April 1942


ON ENTHUSIASM versus HUMAN NATURE THINGS are not alw ays what they seem, as two aireraftsmen in a West Country town discovered some time ago, when, " fed up with street-corner pubs," they were advised to try " The Queen's," through the swing doors of which they unsteadily penetrated, to be confronted in the palatial entrance hall by quite the sternest W.A.A.F. commandant of a commandeered...

Page 41 of July 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, July 1938


SPECIALISTS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT SECTION Head Offices: 21, CITY ROAD, LONDON, E.C.I. Telephone: NATional 3045 RATES (prepaid) 1/per line Minimum 3 lines 6 Words to !ine Copy required by the 5th of the month PUBLISHED 12th OF EACH MONTH SPEEDOMETERS & REVOLUTION COUNTERS DEVOLUTION COUNTERS, 3} in., 5 in., and 6 In. dial with trunqmissions, from £2, according to fitments. Guaranteed....

Page 21 of March 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, March 1940

Things in general

IF we Englishmen do pride ourselves on anything it is upon our reputation as sportsmen. We take pains to register approval whenever we see a citizen armed with a tennis racket or a bag of golf clubs, and we get positively delirious when a man appears carrying a cricket bag. Look at the sudden hush which falls upon Victoria Station when people are seen returning from the winter sports, staggering...

Page 22 of May 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, May 1942

A letter from New South Wales

[The following news-letter is from R.A.D. Hood, of the Royal Australian Air Force, and is so well endowed with enthusiasm that we present it as a short article.– Ed.] I have been meaning to write to you for about a year and have only just found the time. I wish to add my congratulations to those of many other readers for keeping Motor Sport going, and I hope that this small contribution may be of...

Page 31 of November 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, November 1971

Rally review

TAP Rally When it was first held five years ago, some people thought that it had a connection with plumbing; others imagined that perhaps it was associated with the old RAF Tap Club, that Air Force group composed of male members who could prove that they had taken a bath in WRAF quarters. It turned out that the TAP Rally was, in fact, connected with flying, but not anything quite as ribald as the...

Page 44 of November 1929 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, November 1929

The Development of the Light 'Plane

The Development of the Light 'Plane G. G. 0. MANTON. JUST over six years ago a stir was caused in the aviation world when an aeroplane was successfully flown, powered with an engine of only 400 c.c. capacity. The machine in question was known as the "Wren," and its diminutive power unit was an ordinary A.B.C., taken from a motor cycle. Up to the time of its appearance the prevailing opinion was...

Page 53 of November 1971 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, November 1971

Mosport Park mumblings

• Mark Donohue is very much a perfectionist and after his tremendous drive to third place in his first ever Grand Prix he was shrugging aside all congratulations. He felt it quite inexcusable to have to make a pit stop for a second pair of goggles and will obviously remember to wear a second pair round his neck in future. He was the only driver not wearing one of the all-enveloping Bell Star...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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