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Page 4 of September 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, September 2004

Letters from readers

Write to: Motor Sport, Somerset House, Somerset Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 8RT, United Kingdom E-Mail (please include address): The Editor reserves the right to edit all letters John Dawson-Damer Sir, As president of Club Lotus Australia, I'm handling the sale of the sporting biography of the late Honourable John Dawson-Damer who was tragically killed at the 2000...

Page 33 of January 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, January 1981

The 1981 Season

At the time of writing it looks as though the proposed "pirate" series of Formula One races under the title The World Professional Drivers Championship is still-born. Although the anonymous World Federation Of Motor Sport, as mentioned in the December 1980 issue of Motor Sport, claimed that most of the existing Formula One teams and drivers were signed up for this "pirate" series of events, there...

Page 51 of May 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 51, May 1992

Brush or camera?

The camera can lie. But I rate it more dependable when researching motoring history than an artist's impression. It is true that DSJ and I once puzzled over a photograph which showed two identical 2 1/2-litre Maseratis taking the Fork corner at Brooklands. We knew only of Whitney Straight's car of that type. Years later I discovered that some joker at Speed had superimposed two prints of the...

Page 11 of August 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, August 1993

1993 French Grand Prix race report - Perfect for Prost

  Damon Hill spoiled Prost's 1993 record of pole positions, but come race day it was back to the familiar script Sooner or later, Damon Hill is going to win a Grand Prix. That's what we said after Spain, and a lot more people were saying it after Magny-Cours. Oh, Alain first added number 49 to his bulging stash of F1 victories and stretched his all-time French GP wins mark to six (Fangio and...

Page 19 of July 1985 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, July 1985

Matters of moment

Another technological breakthrough In technical advancement the Motor Industry is certainly not stagnant and it might well be said that seldom has the ordinary buying public had a wider or more exciting choice of new cars of all kinds. What is more, we are now witnessing another technological breakthrough of considerable significance. There have been similar advances in the past, when items of...

Page 87 of April 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, April 2002

Too good for their own good?

It was Italy's dream team - Ascari, Jano, Lancia. The car looked sensational. Success seemed guaranteed. But the project ended in tragedy and thwarted ambition, as Chris Nixon explains Early in 1954, Motorsport enthusiasts found themselves looking at photographs of two new Grand Prix cars so startlingly different in appearance that it was hard to believe they had been built for the same Formula....

Page 93 of March 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 93, March 1999

Sir Henry's Sunbeam

The answer to the query as to the type of Sunbeam given to Sir Henry Segrave after his victory in the 1923 French GP at Tours has been provided by Robert Gates, owner of a 1904 10/12 and a fine 1921 24/60 sports Sunbeam, who says that many years ago Frank Bill of the Sunbeam Experimental Department told him it had one of the rare single-ohc 16-valve Type OV 3-litre engines which the company...

Page 17 of June 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, June 1999

French and irresistable

Sir, At last, a kindred spirit. Jonathan Blackwell's letter on the great Jean-Pierre Wimille, runs in tandem to my own thoughts. When racing resumed after the war, I was able to read the reports of 'Grande Vitesse' (Rodney Walkerly) in The Motor, courtesy of my local barber. I was about 15 years old. It would seem to my young mind that J-P was head and shoulders above the rest. I had read all the...

Page 108 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 108, June 1981


In writing, on page 580 of last month's issue, of the number of copies made by other manufacturers of the pioneering, twin-cam, inclined-multi-valved, pre-1914 Peugeot racing engines I committed a stupid error, although the purpose of the discourse was in no way diminished thereby. The Peugeot of this kind which C.G. Brocklebank raced at Brooklands after the war and which killed Capt. Troop there...

Page 94 of October 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 94, October 2004

Bill Boddy

Taking the road to Reims I have never been in the habit of taking holidays. I was working at copy for Motor Sport right up to the moment when I left on my honeymoon and immediately I got back, and even Christmas Days were no exception. The nearest I got to one was a trip to see the 1956 French Grand Prix. Previously we had hired planes for such trips, which sometimes involved mild adventures and...



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