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Page 40 of October 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, October 1986

Veteran to Classic: "I tested racing car tyres"

I had an interesting meeting with Mr J. F. Andrews, who used to test racing-car tyres for the Dunlop Rubber Company Ltd. We met at that convenient centre, the Midland Motor Museum in Bridgnorth, the route thereto taking me over one of my favourite roads, that from Knighton via Brampton Bryan, Diddlebury, and Morville, which the Ford Sierra XR 4x4 took in its usual capable style. Before working...

Page 42 of January 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, January 1950

Club News

We Hear Barry Eaglesfield is still trying to trace previous owners of his Type 37 Bugatti, engine number 239, chassis number 37389; unfortunately he is confined to bed for some months with lung trouble following pleurisy, and is glad to see friends at 22, Queensdale Road, W.11. The manager of the Westover Ice Rink, Bournemouth, reports a fine collection of veteran vehicles owned by the Priory Eng...

Page 39 of December 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, December 1977

Books for Christmas

"The Four-Wheeled Morgan, Volume One The Flat-Radiator Models" by Ken Hall. 136 pp. 7 in. x 91 in. (Motor Racing Publications, 28 Devonshire Road, London W4 2HD £5.45) One would be justified in saying that the writing of books about the Morgan has been somewhat overdone, fascinating as is the subject. Because when I remarked last month, when reviewing Peter Garnier's IPC review of the Morgan...

Page 26 of February 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, February 1969


A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters Golden Jubilee of the Vintage Bentley—1969 Nineteen sixty-nine marks the Golden jubilee of the vintage Bentley car. Fifty years ago, in Chagford Street, near Baker Street, London, W. O. Bentley and his small team heard the roar of the first 3-litre engine. To celebrate this Golden Jubilee of the birth of the vintage Bentley, the Bentley Drivers' Club has...

Page 67 of March 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 67, March 1993

V-to-C miscellany

A reader has found two 1932 RAC Competition Licences. Both are made out to Geoffrey Norman Crowther, who declared his date of birth as 1908 and the place as Queensbury in Yorkshire. He wonders whether these licences are those of the GN Crowther who drove a Vernon-Crossley in the 1932 LCC Relay Race at Brooklands (Yes — WB) and, as he was born very close to Huddersfield, could he be the son of CK...

Page 116 of June 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 116, June 1981

V-E-V Odds and Ends

We regret to learn of the death of Mr. Denham Brown, who died last March. He worked on the racing Straker Squire now owned by Adrian Liddell and showed considerable interest in the car in recent years. The VSCC President, Tom Threlfall, has added the ex-John Rowley Edwardian Th. Schneider to his versatile stable of interesting motor cars. The AC OC is pleased that after a space of 42 years Ray...

Page 38 of April 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, April 1953

Vintage Veerings

The rapid fall in prices of almost all used cars, and in particular of the older models, should give a fillip to the vintage cult. Some enthusiasts keep the same vintage car season after season, others seek frequent changes, deriving much enjoyment out of discovering the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of each model they own. Whichever way you look at it, vintage motoring is undeniably...

Page 13 of December 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, December 1947

Letters from Readers

Sir, I enjoyed reading your report of the last Shelsley Walsh Meeting in your October issue, and I do not disagree with your suggestion that my argument with the bank in practice resulted in a certain degree of caution the following day. Incidentally, as I have competed at Shelsley since 1921, I thought I knew enough about the hill to keep out of trouble, and as a matter of interest it seems...

Page 35 of April 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, April 1963

Veteran - Edwardian - vintage: a section devoted to old-car matters

The 1963 Inter-Register Contests between the S.T.D., 12/50 Alvis, Fiat, Bullnose Morris, Humber and model-T Ford Registers are provisionally as follows:- April 20th - V.S.C.C. Race May 5th: Touring Assembly, Beaulieu May 19th: Touring Assembly June 9th: Wiltshire Rally July 21st: Driving Tests, Melton Mowbray August 11th: Touring Assembly, Beaulieu October 19th: Night Navigation Rally The Inter-...

Page 16 of February 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, February 1965


A section devoted to old-car matters V.S.C.C. Measham Trial (Jan. 2nd/3rd)Results:The Measham Trophy: J. E. Barraclough (1927 3-litre Bentley). Light Car Award: D. Hodgson (1929 Austin Seven). Frazer Nash Award: L. J. Stretton (1929 Boulogne F.N.). Best Performances:Class 1 (Standard Sports Cars): J. E. Barraclough (1927 Bentley). Class 2 (Vintage Sports Cars): W. B. G. Fletcher (1927 Alvis)....



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