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Page 16 of December 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, December 1999


THE BANKING'S LOST GP SIR, The Monza Track Test what an evocative article. Andrew Frankel is correct in stating four World Championship Grands Prix have been held on the combined road and banked track circuit 1955-56 and '60 and '61. However the total was nearly five as it was planned to run the 1963 race over the full track. Problems started during first day's practice, after several drivers had...

Page 58 of August 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, August 1964

1964 British Grand Prix race report - A hard time for Clark

  The British Grand Prix has never had any particular home, and this year it was to hold the title of European Grand Prix so the R.A.C. not only decided to run it themselves, instead of delegating it to the BRDC or the B.A.R.C., but also chose Brands Hatch Stadium as the venue and enlisted the help of almost everyone in the British sporting world. Jim Clark leads off the line while Frank Gardner...

Page 13 of August 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, August 1965

Dutch Grand Prix

Another Clark Benefit Zandvoort, July 18th THE Dutch Grand Prix is usually held in May and has been the first or second event in the World Drivers' Championship for several seasons, but this year it was moved to July, to become sixth in the 1965 series. The policy of the organisers now appears to he to try a different date each year, presumably to find which date attracts most spectators. They...

Page 14 of January 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1968

Revision 1967 and Explanations

A great many readers keep their old copies of Motor Sport, many having them bound year by year, not only for re-reading during dull moments, but as books of reference. Consequently we feel duty-bound to give space to putting right some errors that crept into print during 1967. Some of these were due to careless writing on the part of the staff, others due to the inexperience of some temporary...

Page 20 of December 1996 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, December 1996

Lola's Formula One heritage

1962: Eric Broadley is persuaded by Reg Parnell to build a Formula One car for the Bowmaker Racing team. Designated the Mk 4, this secures pole position for its first World Championship encounter, the Dutch GP at Zandvoort, in the hands of John Surtees. This tally has still to be added to in 244 attempts! Surtees retires on this occasion, but the car proves a consistent frontrunner, taking the ex...

Page 140 of August 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 140, August 2012


Some casua bennd tne scenes pnotograpns from a busy Syerstone poddoc n 1965 ANTHONY ASKEW When Askew bought his ticket for the 1965 British GP he found you got in on practice day for free. So he took his Zeiss 35mm camera along, because as he recalls, "I could rarely take pictures during the race as without a telephoto lens I was just too far away." Stewart's BRM by the Willment transporter {21 A...

Page 41 of May 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, May 2002

Broken promise

Just five years after their birth, Lola hit the Grand Prix trail, and took a debut pole. Paul Fearnley drives the Mk4 and explains why it didn't lead on to better things in F1 What was the most impressive aspect of the 1962 Formula One season? This month's cover story answers that, we hope: the starburst arrival of the monocoque Lotus 25. Okay, what was the second-most impressive aspect? A...

Page 76 of April 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, April 1962

FOR SALE -- continued A.V. MOTORS Ltd of 1-15 Park Road, Teddington, Middlesex

M45 RAPIDE '36. Mechanics good. M.O.'l Body fair. £35. lvi.: Slough 20914. 14543 1958 'VINTAGE HEALEY SPRITE. Cream. New tyres and battery, screen-washers, rev.counter. Bargain at h',395 o.n.o. The Old Rectory, Ilorningsea, Cambs. [4544 114, x955, Above average condition. '•X ' S. Overdrive. All gears. Host extras. 0-60, 9 sec. /,,380. Tel. : Sunbury 3593. 14545 MORRIS MINOR moo, Stage II. I•LC....

Page 14 of August 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, August 1963

1963 British Grand Prix race report - Clark (Lotus-Climax) uncatchable

  Silverstone, July 20th Amidst a veritable feast of racing and circus stunts, that went on for a long and full day, the BRDC were able to organise the British Grand Prix that ranked as a Grande Epreuve, and they offered some 115,000 spectators more than their money's worth. With two and a half weeks since the last Formula 1 race the Grand Prix teams not only had plenty of time to prepare their...

Page 46 of October 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 46, October 1964

The private teams

Part 3 Team Elite ('62) Ltd. Team Elite was already in existence when Clive Hunt began racing in 1960, driving a Lotus 17. This was purchased in kit form and assembled by the driver, but it had notoriously bad handling characteristics and was never very suceessful. The 17 was sold later that year and replaced by a Lotus Elite, and soon afterwards Clive Hunt was invited to join Team Elite. A good...



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