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Page 21 of December 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, December 1967

Spanish Grand Prix - A Lotus Benefit

Madrid, Spain, November 12th. The opening of the Jarama circuit near Madrid in July heralded a resurgence of interest in Spanish motor racing and with a World Championship event scheduled for May 15th next year the organisers decided to hold a " shake-down " F.1 race on November 12th to sort out any problems. Unfortunately November is not the time that Grand Prix teams are most prepared for an...

Page 19 of May 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, May 1966

Grand Prix of Pau

Pau, France, April 17th Just as the Brabham-Hondas ran away from everyone on the flat "grass-track" circuit of Goodwood, so they did on the climbing, twisting, turning, descending street-circuit of Pau. From the outset the 1966 all-roller-bearing, 4-valves-per-cylinder, 4-cylinder, 1,000-c.c. Honda Formula Two engines made everything else appear obsolete, everything else being the 2-o.h.c. B.R.M...

Page 24 of October 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, October 1964

35th Italian Grand Prix

Victory through strength Monza, Italy, September 6th. This year there were no arguments or discussions about how the Italian Grand Prix was to be run, for right from the start it was decided that it should be on the 5.75-kilometre Monza road circuit, with no question of using the banked track, so that the Grand Prix teams knew that sheer engine power was going to be the main requirement. Before...

Page 15 of April 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, April 2000

History lessons

Sir, In accusing you of rewriting history, Alan Baker (Letters, February 2000) is himself guilty of being very selective with the truth. Yes, Jochen Rindt was lucky at Clermont-Ferrand, but his "poor practice" was due to severe stomach upset and a facial injury caused by a flying stone. Brabham's misfortune at Monaco was a crash partly brought about by the pressure of Rindt catching him at well...

Page 9 of February 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, February 1968

Continental Notes

Now that we have had the first Grand Prix race of the year the alarms and excursions of who hopes to drive what car are over and 1968 season lies pretty clear ahead of us. Clark's win in the South African race with the Lotus 49 means that he has chalked up four Grand Prix wins in a row, the U.S.A. and Mexican races, the Spanish and now the South African, so it is not surprising that he is...

Page 28 of August 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, August 1961

The 47th French Grand Prix

The best laid plans, etc. Reims, France, July 2nd After the Spa race, where Ferrari cars dominated, everybody was resigned to an even greater demonstration of mechanical superiority on the fast Reims circuit. In the Belgian G.P. the rear-engined Ferrari cars had had no trouble at all in finishing 1-2-3-4 and one felt that if the Scuderia cared to bring along six cars to Reims they would finish 1-...

Page 14 of August 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, August 1962

1962 British Grand Prix race report - The uncatchable Lotus and Clark

15th RAC British Grand Prix report from 1962 Aintree, Liverpool, July 21st In spite of a lot of protests the R.A.C. once again delegated the British Grand Prix to the B.A.R.C., the second time in succession, so that the Grand Prix circus had to journey to Liverpool to race at the Aintree Stadium. After the victories by Cooper at Reims and Porsche at Rouen, as well as Porsche at the smaller...

Page 29 of September 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, September 1961

The Solitude Grand Prix

Stuttgart, July, 23rd. Anyone who misses a race meeting at the A.D.A.C. Solitude circuit, between Stuttgart and the Autobahn, misses the chance of visiting one of the best circuits in Europe and of seeing the effects of motor racing being popular. The smooth and well-maintained circuit is 11.417 kilometres to the lap and contains every type of corner, climb, descent and straight that anyone could...

Page 148 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 148, July 2004

Eleventh heaven

Williams approached the 1000bhp turbo era in its usual methodical fashion and built arguably the best car. Damien Smith speaks to co-designer Frank Dernie If you were drawing up a list of the best-looking Formula One cars, Williams FW11B would be passed over in an instant. Williams cars, despite their huge success over the last quarter-century, have always looked workmanlike, with colour schemes...

Page 43 of July 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, July 1968

XXVI Monaco Grand Prix

A classic motor race again Monte Carlo, May 26th Quite often people ask the question "What is a classic motor race?" and one simple answer is "The Grand Prix race round the streets of Monte Carlo". Even though the starting grid is limited to sixteen cars and this year there were only two serious competitors running just after half distance, the twenty-sixth Monaco Grand Prix was as classic as all...



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