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Page 34 of August 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, August 1951


CLUB AFFAIRS EPISODES FROM hiSTORY, No. 16.—Here is one of the all-enveloping tank-like 8.8-litre Type 57C Bugattis (developed from the Type 57S Which holds the sports-car. hour "record" at 135.42 m.p.h.), which won the 1939 Le Mans race at the then record speed of 136.8 m.p.h. This year the Type C 8i-1itre Jaguar won the Le Naps race at 93.5 m.p.h., covering 161 more miles in the 24 hours than...

Page 5 of July 1940 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, July 1940

The cars of France

WITH the surrender of France to the Nazis our thoughts cannot fail to dwell on the cars of our gallant allies—and sterner things. The motor car was developed far more rapidly in the closing days of the last century in France than it was in this country, and such great marques as Peugeot, Ballot, Bugatti and Delage subsequently made racing history ring with the name of La Belle France, ere Germany...

Page 33 of August 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, August 1964

Veteran - Edwardian - Vintage

A Section Devoted to Old-Car Matters The V.S.C.C. Oulton Park Race Meeting (June 20th) The E.R.A.s vanquished by Cooper-Bristol   The Paddock at Oulton Park filled with the usual delightfully divergent and diverting machinery as another V.S.C.C. Race Meeting became due. The big question was whether the pre-war E.R.A.s could maintain supremacy as Historic Racing Cars in the Seaman Memorial...

Page 17 of March 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, March 1947

Club news

We Hear Captain Widdowson would like to hear from previous owners of his 1929 8th Series long-chassis Lancia "Lambda" Weymann saloon. Its identifications are: UU 6926, engine 10175, chassis 19987, and among earlier users was Lt.-Comdr. Horncastle, R.N. Prices of secondhand cars likely to interest enthusiasts seem to be falling somewhat — we found a fairly sound "23/60" Vauxhall tourer in Alton...

Page 35 of May 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, May 1959


A section devoted to old-car matters On the M.C.C "Land's End" in a 9/20 Humber In 1952 the Motor Cycling Club included a vintage class in the Land's End Trial and repeated this gesture in 1958, and again last Easter. Because the writer believes that if pains are taken over restoring vintage cars to contemporary condition it is but logical to have replicas of contemporary events in which they can...

Page 38 of January 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, January 1979

Vintage Postbag

Single-Plate Clutches Sir, I wouldn't call myself an historian but I can read reference books, let's hope they are right; single-plate clutches were fitted by E. R. Thomas, De Dion Bouton, Knox, Rover and Austin between 1908-12 and possibly earlier. Other makes listed as using a disc or plate clutch, not multiplate, before WW1 include, Berliet, Dolphin, Hallamshire, La Buire, Lorraine Dietrich,...

Page 13 of February 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, February 1954

Vintage-Class Car Wins V.S.C.C. Measham Rally

Big Entry. Victory Goes to Twin-Cam Sunbeam This year's Vintage Sports Car Club's Measham Rally attracted the excellent entry of 83 cars, of which 29 were vintage vehicles, seven were ''post.-vintage thoroughbreds," and 47 were visitors' cars. The visitors' cars included a Standard Vanguard, a Sunbeam-Talbot, a Morgan Plus Four, lots of M.G.s, a Ford Prefect, Austin A90, a large Humber saloon, an...

Page 31 of June 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, June 1932


THE TWIAN Y-THIRD TARGA ALFA-ROMEO RETAIN TROPHY FOR ITALY. MO FiVERY year sees an increase in the number of motor races which are held, and every year sees an increase in the public interest in the sport. No new event, however, has ever challenged the Targa Florio as the supreme test of man and machine. The first race over the mountainous Sicilian roads took place more than. a quarter of a...



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