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Page 106 of April 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, April 1997

Two young to die

Chris Bristow and Alan Stacey were two of Britain's brightest F1 hopes until till they died in the same race, David Tremayne remembers them The record books hold few entries for him yet Chris Bristow is now remembered by some who knew him as "a Michael Schumacher of his day". A meteor in the true sense, his career took off in dramatic style only to plunge spectacularly. Nor do the books remember...

Page 40 of October 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, October 1959

Brands Hatch International

The International meeting at Brands Hatch on August 29th gave the relatively small crowd some of the most exciting and some of the dullest racing seen at this tiny track since the same meeting last year. The main event of the day was the Kentish "100" Trophy for Formula 2 cars, which was divided into two 42-lap parts, the winner being decided on aggregate times. The vast majority of Formula 1...

Page 13 of September 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, September 1959

Matters Of Moment

New B.M.C. Small Cars to Chllenge the World Last May Motor Sport was delighted to be able to publish an Editorial praising the Standard/Triumph Organisation of Coventry for having at long last produced a refreshingly different British car, in the form of the all-independently-sprung Triumph Herald. Now the British Motor Corporation has gone a considerable step further towards meeting Continental ...

Page 87 of December 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 87, December 2012


Lunch with SIR JOHN WHITMORE In more ways than one, Sir John Whitmore is different. Since this monthly series began in Motor Sport six years ago I've been lucky enough to take some 80 motor sporting personalities to lunch, and I don't think any of them has had so short a racing career. Probably none has had so strange a life since walking away from the sport, either. But John makes a worthy and...

Page 18 of June 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, June 1959

Crystal Palace (Whitsun)

A large crowd enjoyed an excellent day's racing at Crystal Palace on Whit-Monday. The main race of the day, the 36-lap LondonTrophy for F.2 cars, went to Roy Salvadori in Tommy Atkins Cooper-Climax after an initial tussle with Bueb (Cooper-Borgward) and Jim Russell (Cooper). Russell had to stop to fix a slipping clutch, giving Salvadori an easy win from Bueb and Chris Bristow (Hume Cooper)....

Page 84 of July 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 84, July 2007

Surtees on Clark

John Surtees says that ‘team-mate’ is a misnomer. Mateyness simply isn’t part of the relationship between drivers in a team, but he and exact contemporary Jimmy Clark came close to it This is a difficult choice for John Surtees. He has raced alongside so many of the great names. He sits behind his desk, surrounded by books and papers, and thinks long and hard. He’s looking at me. I think I know...

Page 36 of November 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, November 2005

Go low, aim high

The Lotus 18 forced Cooper to raise its game by building the 'Lowline'. Tiff Needell tries both and reports back to Damien Smith. Photography by Malcolm Griffiths/LAT  Complacency: a strong word when aimed at brittle motor racing people.  But... "Why change it when we're winnin'?"  Sounds complacent, doesn't it?  Well, at the dawn of the 1960s John and Charles Cooper have every right to feel...

Page 70 of August 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, August 2007

The spirit of Fangio

It’s not only Lewis Hamilton’s exceptional skills which impress. Sir Stirling Moss sees in him a similar blend of maturity, confidence and modesty to his own great mentor  For someone of my vintage it’s a tremendous breath of fresh air to see someone like Lewis Hamilton doing so well. The statistics are amazing enough already, but they only really count in retrospect. For the present, he’s pretty...

Page 64 of July 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, July 2002

A sense of injustice

Moss rated him and yet Colin Chapman dropped him from Team Lotus. Did his record accurately reflect the talent of Innes Ireland, asks Andrew Frankel? One of the few things in my career of which I am proud is appointing Nigel Roebuck to write his 'Legends' column for this magazine. Over five years ago, this title suffered the dubious delight of being relaunched with my backside occupying the...

Page 42 of May 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, May 2008

"He was everyone's hero wasn't he?"

It was his character as much as his skill behind the wheel that made Jim Clark the drivers' driver By Nigel Roebuck I was at Brands Hatch when I heard about Jimmy. The first hour or so of the BOAC 500 had been rousing, with Bruce McLaren’s new Ford F3L unexpectedly holding off the legion of Porsches, but now the race had gone flat: McLaren was out, and the day had settled into an endurance sports...



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