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Page 36 of February 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, February 1983

The months ahead

By the time you read this, the Monte-Carlo Rally will be over by at least four days and the first points scores of the 1983 World Rally Championship will be known. The Opel/Audi tussle will have been renewed, with the addition of Lancia as a buffer or perhaps even the major reagent, and we will have had the first sight of the new Nissan 240 RS under competitive conditions. Renault will again have...

Page 35 of January 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, January 1984

Audi v Lancia

The Rally Manufacturers in conflict If nothing else the 1983 World Rally Championship helped disprove two myths. The first, that Germans are without exception coldly and clinically efficient. The second, that Italians are always in turmoil, always having a crisis. The championship just past would, however, seem to indicate that there had been a complete role reversal. For those brought up on...

Page 108 of May 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 108, May 2013

The last true Targa

It is 40 years since the lanes of Sicily last echoed to the full-blooded wail of a world championship race. A privileged spectator back then, Richard Williams recently retraced his steps Somewhere on the N120 between Buonfornello and Cerda, as the narrow road wound inland through rolling countryside, an old man in farm worker's clothes stood on the high grass bank, waving at me. Or that's what I...

Page 36 of May 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, May 1973

Chevron win as favourites fail

European 2-Litre Sportscar Championships — Le Castellet, April 8 The opening round of the 1973 European 2-litre Sportscar Championship was held at the ultra-modern, and for many, "plastic" Circuit Paul Ricard at the beginning of April, and it provided Chevron Cars of Bolton, with a comfortable, if not somewhat lucky victory. On aggregate, John Lepp driving one of the Red Rose Racing Chevron B23s...

Page 47 of March 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, March 2007

Profile: Lancia Stratos

The Lancia Stratos had incomparably dramatic looks and boasted spectacular successes. We trace the car’s development and detail the history of one works example Words: John Davenport. Photography: Ian Fraser Between 1971 and 1974 a secret war was being waged in a north-Italian city that was every bit as bloody, in a metaphorical sense, as those of the Borgias. The city was Turin and the...

Page 64 of September 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, September 2002


THINK RENAULT RALLY CARS AND YOU THINKJEAN RAGNOTTL BUT THERE'S MUCH MORE TO HIS CAREER THAN THAT HE'S SHONE IN RACING AND RALLYCROSS FOR THE REGIE, BEATEN DID/ER PIRONI AND RENE ean Ragriotti's versatility and skill have been demonstrated over a period of 30 years in a wide range of cars and disciplines. He has raced single-seaters for three or four seasons, competed at Le Mans seven times (...

Page 54 of August 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, August 2002

Slide Rulers

In the years between Stratos and Quattro, rallying was all about a pair of humdrum three-box family saloons. Doesn't sound great, does it? They became, however, two of the sport's most successful and iconic cars. John Davenport recalls their tail-happy dogfight for world honours Ladies and Gentleman, this is a five-round title bout between two of the world's biggest car companies: Ford versus...

Page 22 of January 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1975

Rally review

World Championship to Lancia For people involved with World-Class International Rallying, the months of October and November can hardly have been equalled in terms of tight schedules and concentrations of events since the period in the late 'fifties and early and mid 'sixties when every European factory seemed to run a rally team. In those days complicated permutations of preparation,...

Page 44 of March 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 2004

Quantum yump

The Lancia Stratos brought rallying out of the Dark Ages. John Davenport talks to those who helped make the legend. What is the sound sweetest to your ears? The call of the first cuckoo, real ale being pumped into a glass, the thud of leather on willow? Well, to rally fans over 30, the aural onslaught of a Lancia Stratos at full chat along a special stage, its Ferrari-based V6 playing a barely...

Page 41 of July 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, July 2004

My only Grand Prix

1971 French at Paul Ricard by François Mazet You drove Jo Siffert's March 701 in the French GP. How did you know him? I knew him for quite a few years before I started motor racing. I was friends with guys like Jo, Jim Clark and Jo Schlesser through Jabby Crombac; he was in charge of the Sport Auto Club in Paris --- and I was always there! They encouraged me, saying you can go racing easily, just...



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